Stamped Clay Gift Tags

stamped clay gift tags

These elegant sparkly clay tags are astonishingly easy to make.  And, as an added bonus, you can make them with supplies you might already have in your baking cabinet.  All you need to add is a little glitter and some rubber stamps.

To make Stamped Clay Gift Tags, you will need:
a batch of Glittery Clay
PSA gift tag stamps
cookie cutters
dust with cornstarch
To begin, you will need to make a batch of Glittery Clay. You can find the recipe and instructions for cooking up the dough in this guest post I created for Dollar Store Crafts. Make the dough, let it cool, and then roll it out.

press the stamp into the dough

PSA Essentials has adorable gift tag stamps that are perfect for this project.  You can use any clean stamp you have on hand, but the PSA stamps have the TO and FROM sections built right in!
I left the PSA gift tag stamps on the plastic packaging and firmly pressed the stamp into the dough.  Then I carefully peeled the stamp off.  I cut around the stamped area with a cookie cutter and then baked the tags the same way I baked the ornaments.  One batch of dough will make 1-2 dozen clay tags.

clay tag

After the tags have cooled, all there is left to do is to attach the tag to your gifts and add the correct names!

clay snowman tag

See how crisp the PSA stamps come out!  So beautiful.  These are such special keepsakes to beautify your presents.  And for so little money, you can make them for everyone on your list!

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Thanks,  Jessica Hill
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