I am Plutonium™ Paint’s brand ambassador.  I was compensated for my work, but all opinions are 100% my own.

Everybody is raving about warm metallics being popular for fall this year, so I thought I would hop on the bandwagon with a pair of faux bronze pedestal planters.  Both the bronze and the pedestal parts of these planters is a fake-out, so that you end up with the look of pricier planters for much less money. 

I bought two mum plants from a local school fundraiser this year, and they are too large to fit in the containers I have used for mums in past years.  I took a trip to our closest home improvement store to check out their supply of clearance flower pots hoping to find some nice pedestal planters to flank our front door. 

Here’s the thing.  I am super cheap.  Spending money on not-essential-for-life items stresses me out.  So, I went into the store thinking that I was being generous planning to  spend $10 each on two planters.  The store was like, “How about $30 each?”  I countered, “How about $9 each?” and the store was like, “How about you leave now?”

faux bronze pedestal planter materials

So, instead of two $30 pedestal planters, I left the store with some el cheapo plastic pots and liquid nails.  I had the Plutonium™ Paint and the caulk gun at home already.  I was able to turn these supplies into pretty faux bronze planters in very little time.

faux bronze pedestal planter plastic planters

I started out by cleaning off the plastic pots of any stickers, dirt, or dust.

faux bronze pedestal planter liquid nails

Then I ran a bead of liquid nails around the bottom of the smaller pair of plastic pots.  You could also use a strong glue adhesive for this step in place of the liquid nails.  I centered the bottom of the small pot on the bottom of the large pot and let the adhesive dry.


I chose to paint my planters with Plutonium’s Third Place Metallic color, which is a warm metallic bronze.  (Get it?  Third place?) 

faux bronze pedestal planter plutonium third place metallic

 After I set up my spray paint station, I gave each planter a coat of paint, let the paint dry, then flipped the planters over and gave them a quick second coat to fill in the bare spots.

faux bronze pedestal planter on either side of front door

Plutonium™ Paint dries very quickly, so I was soon able to carry the planters to the front porch and place my big mum plants inside of them.  The symmetrical planters create a slightly more formal look for our front entry, but I think I like it.  They will be especially pretty in a week or two when all those mum buds begin to blossom.

faux bronze pedestal planter fall front porch 2014

The metallic bronze spray paint looks so nice with our new blue front door.  I will share more about my new front door wreath soon too, so keep an eye out for that!

faux bronze pedestal planter

I might be super cheap, but our front porch is going to look like a million bucks this fall. 

To get your own Plutonium™ Paint, find a store near you by using their online store finder.  You can also find more projects using Plutonium by following them on facebook, instagram, and pinterest.  See all of my spray paint projects in my spray paint gallery.

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Thanks,  Jessica

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    These are great! I just want to add that I used Plutonium on some wicker baskets and the wicker absorbed some of the paint! It was weird. It just was having a hard time “sticking” to the surface. After two coats, it looked okay. Of course, flat surfaces work better, but porous surfaces may need an extra coat or two. Thanks!


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