Dollar Store Mason Jar Snow Globe Soap Dispensers

mason jar snow globe soap dispensers

Maybe it’s not the height of creativity to take two already good ideas and combine them into yet another good idea, but I still think these are pretty creative.  I took two common mason jar crafts, the snow globe and the soap dispenser, and put them together to make… a Mason Jar Snow Globe Soap Dispenser!  Since they are made mostly from dollar store materials, you can craft a few of them for very little money.

To make Mason Jar Snow Globe Soap Dispensers, you will need:
mason jars with lids
clear liquid soap (in a container with a pump)*
Christmas village people*
super glue*
Phillips screwdriver
*materials you can buy at the dollar store
secure snow people using tongs

I love that picture. Doesn’t it look like I am squashing that poor child into the snow with my ginormous metal tongs?  Sorry ceramic boy.
Begin by gluing your Christmas village people (not to be confused with the Christmas Village People) to the bottom of a mason jar.  Usually you should use just a touch of super glue when you are making a project.  Not this time.  Glob as much of the stuff as you can onto the bottom of one of your little villagers.  Using your tongs,  place the villager in the mason jar, and press firmly again the glass at the bottom for a few seconds.
The first time I tried this project, I used a different glue.  Things did not end well.  But we won’t talk about that now.  Use super glue.

snow people in jar

Place all your people where you would like them to go, and let the glue dry for an hour or two to be sure they will stick.

add glitter

While you are waiting, you can prepare your soap.  I bought a few containers of clear liquid soap at the dollar store.  Something more Christmas-y scented would have been better, but all they had was coconut.  You could easily swap out the regular soap for hand sanitizer if that suits your gift recipient better. 
Add a SMALL amount of glitter to the soap.  Don’t overdo this step.  If you add too much glitter, that’s all you will be able to see in your snow globe. 
Give the soap a gentle stir with the soap pump.  You will get some air bubbles in the soap as you stir, but that is okay.  Just don’t close up the soap dispenser and shake it like a Polaroid picture, that will make your soap cloudy with bubbles.  Stirred, not shaken there, James Bond.

add liquid soap

Add the the soap and glitter mixture to the mason jar, trying to avoid adding excess bubbles.  Any bubbles you add will eventually work their way to the top, but better not to have them in the first place.
Place the jar ring on a flat surface, and set the circle insert on top.  Using a hammer, CAREFULLY pound a Philips head screwdriver down through the middle of the metal circle to create a hole.  You might have to make a few holes next to each other to create an opening large enough to insert your soap dispenser pump.  If the pump fits snuggly, you are done with this step.  If it rattles around at all, secure it with super glue.

snow globe soap carolers

Re-assemble the mason jar and you have a delightful snow globe soap dispenser!

snow globe soap children

The soap dispenser functions just like any other soap pump (although every once in a while users might end up with a small amount of glitter on their hands – not often though).  The glitter will eventually settle in the soap, but it takes quite a long time.  When it happens, just give the jar a gentle swirl which should get the glittery snow flying again!

snow globe soap santa

These would make lovely hostess gifts or presents for teachers, neighbors, or co-workers.  Everyone uses soap, right?  And, if they don’t, maybe this is a gentle reminder that they should.  😛
I made these soap dispensers with a decidedly Christmas theme, but you could adapt this project for other seasons very easily.  Swap out the Christmas villagers with small toys or other water-proof knick knacks and you could have fancy soap for a child’s bathroom or for any holiday of the year!

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Thanks,  Jessica Hill
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  1. says

    This is so clever. Thank you, it’s fun finding diy projects but they often cost so much that they are not worth it. This is something I have to try this year!

    • madincrafts says

      I think I just used the pint sized jars, and I used pumps from the soap bottles from the dollar store. If the pump tube is too long, you can trim it to fit. Hope that helps!

    • madincrafts says

      You should be able to, it will just take longer for the glue to cure before you can add the soap. Hope this helps!

  2. says

    Just wanted to say thanks for such a cute idea! We made these as teacher gifts this afternoon, and they turned out perfect! Although you were right about not adding too much glitter- we did, and had to go buy more soap to “dilute” it down! Thanks again!

  3. Molly says

    I can’t envision how I’m supposed to make the hole for the pump dispenser. I’m not seeing what would keep it from falling through the hole you make. Or am I just making a home for the tube?

  4. Luann says

    Is there anyway you could post a couple pictures of the top of the jar with pump attached. I understand how to make the homes in the lid but I would like to see a picture of your finished top to make it visual for me. Visual helps me! Thank you

    • madincrafts says

      I never noticed any of the glitter making its way through the pump, but if it did it would rinse off easily.

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