Mad in Crafts Best Crafts of 2014

It’s time for another Mad in Crafts year by the numbers!  As 2014 draws to a close, let’s look back at what was accomplished this year:

255 total posts,

152 craft and DIY tutorials,

26 recipes,

and 52 link parties with 6,683 of your tutorials linked!

Once again, thank you for all of your support this year!  I hope you stick around into the new year for 365 more days of crazy good creativity!  Here are just some of my favorite projects from this past year.


2014 was the year I figured out that you can use candy oils to scent body scrub.  The first time I made good use of the trick was when I made this FRUITY BODY SCRUB.  Smells like summer!

Painted Wood Tray canva

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with the Bentwood tray I spotted at Goodwill, but a few colors of chalky finish paint later and I had a new OMBRE STRIPED BENTWOOD TRAY

Fall Wreath  Hung Wreath

I made a SUGARED FRUIT WREATH to hang out on our new blue front door.  The sparkling fruit wreath fits right in from fall till spring!

Inexpensive Frozen Party Favors

I loved all the projects I did for my daughter’s Frozen birthday party, but the HOMEMADE FROZEN PARTY FAVORS were probably my favorite.  How can you not love Olaf?

Beer Swap Table

For a more grown-up friendly party, my BEER TASTING PARTY ideas are a fun way to introduce your friends to some new brews.  Beer me!

glitter dot clutch

I was so pleased with the way my GLITTER POLKA DOT CLUTCH turned out!  I use it almost every time I am able to go out on the town.  Which isn’t saying much, but still….

geode necklace

My FAUX GEODE NECKLACE FROM POLYMER CLAY was another pleasant surprise.  I had little experience with polymer clay when I started playing around with this project, but I am hooked now!

But First Coffee Sign

The STENCILED “BUT FIRST, COFFEE” SIGN resonated with so many people.  No matter how big or small my plans for the day are, they are always proceeded by a big cup of joe!

DIY Star Wars Mobile

This project was a tag team effort with my son.  We decided mid-project that a basic solar system wasn’t going to cut it, and we ended up with this rad DIY STAR WARS MOBILE instead.  Plus, it was featured on The Nerdist, which, for a geek craft, is about as good as it gets.

DIY Bathroom Art

Nail polish marbling is showing up all over the blogosphere this year, and I contributed to the trend with the MARBLED PAPER WALL ART that I made for our bathroom makeover.  I was about to put together these three pieces, including frames, for less than $10!

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