Spray Painted Dollar Store Nutcrackers

I am Plutonium Paint’s brand ambassador.  I am paid for my work, but these opinions are 100% my own.

Who says all your Christmas decorations need to be red, white, and green?  Traditional Christmas decorations look modern and chic when painted in non-traditional colors.  I took some cheap nutcrackers from the dollar store and gave them a makeover with Plutonium spray paint in colors that match my living room palette.

dollar store nutcrackers

When I first bought these nutcrackers last year, they had nasty fur-like hair and goatees.  That hair was the first thing to go.  I just ripped it off and then used my fingernail to remove any glue that was left behind.  I did no other prep work before I painted them with Plutonium – no sanding, no priming.  Plutonium works well enough that I could easily skip those steps.

Plutonium Blues

I decided to paint each nutcracker in a different cool color.  Our living room is painted greige with teal accents, so these blue and silver tones fit right in.

Plutonium 2nd Place Metallic

I coated this nutcracker ornament in 2nd Place Metallic, which makes him look like a little tin man.  OIL CAN!

Plutonium Aloha

I painted the sword-wielding nutcracker with Aloha, the teal color that matches the accent color in our living room.  Be sure to notice how perfectly the color of the dried Plutonium spray paint matches the color on the cap.

Plutonium LaLa

Plutonium’s Lala is a light, almost baby, blue.  It’s the same shade I used for my daughter’s Frozen pumpkin back in October.

Plutonium Submarine

Submarine is a rich dark blue.  This color covered in just one coat, while the others took one coat plus touch ups.

Spray Painted Nutcrackers

Finally, I painted the king nutcracker with Motown, my go to true blue color.  The king’s head keeps falling off though, so he still needs some work before I can display him.

The nutcrackers look much more expensive now than they did before painting them, and I love how well they coordinate with our normal living room decorations!  For more projects like this, check out my spray paint tutorial project gallery.

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