LAST MINUTE Spider Costume and Halloween Snack

Last Minute Spider Halloween Costume

My son is actually going as Darth Vader for Halloween this year, but his preschool is having a costume party Halloween morning.  His teacher asked the students to dress up like a character from a nursery rhyme.  We were encouraged to keep the costumes simple, cheap, and homemade.  No need to tell me twice.

To keep with the nursery rhyme theme, this is technically an Itsy Bitsy Spider costume but it could also be a scary spider, girly spider, dapper gentlemen spider, or radioactive superhero-creating spider, depending on how you accessorize it.  If you are looking for a last minute Halloween costume for your young one, or yourself, you can make this one in almost no time and by using materials you can find at your local dollar store!

To make a Last Minute Spider Costume, you will need:

black hoodie

monofilament (dollar store)

large needle

2 pair of black knee socks (dollar store)

plastic grocery bags

googly eyes (dollar store)

adhesive dots

black gloves (dollar store)

spider costume eyes

I had a black hoodie on hand (it will be part of his Darth Vader costume too) but you could also use a black shirt and knit cap for this costume. 

I don’t have a full tutorial for this costume because I mainly followed this spider costume tutorial from Dollar Store crafts with a few tweaks.  Instead of buying black duct tape to attach the sock legs, I used monofilament and a large needle to sloppily sew them to the sides of the sweatshirt.  I used the same monofilament to connect the sock arms to the sleeves so they move when my son does.

googly spider eyes

I didn’t want to use fabric glue to attach the 8 googly eyes to  the hood of my son’s sweatshirt because they will need to be taken off after his preschool party is over.  I am not sure we could explain why Darth Vader suddenly had spider eyes.  I used adhesive dots to attach the eyes, and hopefully they will pull right off the fabric when they need to.

Easy Halloween Spider Snack

I volunteered to bring the not-so-sweet treat for my son’s preschool costume party.  To keep with the nursery rhyme, and Halloween, theme I made some easy spider snacks for him to serve to his classmates.  You can actually buy all the ingredients necessary for this snack at the dollar store, as well.

To make Last Minute Halloween Spider Snack, you will need:

round snack crackers

creamy peanut butter

pretzel sticks

quick and easy halloween spider snack

Simply spread some creamy peanut butter on a round cracker.  Arrange 8 pretzel sticks to look like spider’s legs.  Sandwich another round cracker on top.  Boom goes the dynamite.

Even if you are doing last-minute prep for Halloween, you still have time to make a great costume and serve up a spooky snack!

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Thanks,  Jessica Hill

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