Downton Abbey Viewing Party Ideas

Dowton Abbey Premiere Party Ideas


Sorry, I lost my composure for a moment.  How very American of me.  If you are like me, you have been counting down the months to the Season 3 premiere in America.  What will happen with Matthew and Mary?  And to the Abbey?  And Bates… what will become of Bates?!?! 

To make your Downton Abbey experience as gratifying as possible, I have gathered together a few ideas that will make for a premiere party that even Violet Grantham would enjoy.   HAHA.  I’m just kidding.  She would totally hate it.  But, it’s good enough for us mere mortals.


My girlfriends and I got together to watch the Royal Wedding and those Simple Tea Party Ideas would all work perfectly for a stately Downton Abbey viewing party!  A few quick decorations, some elegant finger sandwiches, and a few biscuits will keep your energy up through what is bound to be an engrossing premiere.

memorial day lemon berry trifle

Trifles are common English treats, and this Lemon Berry Trifle is easy to prepare and won’t sabotage your New Year’s diet. 


If you are going to drink tea at your Downton Abbey party, you MUST serve scones with them.  Fortunately, you don’t need to be Mrs. Patmore to bake these English Toffee Scones.

To get you through the hours until the Season 3 premiere, I leave you with some of the best of the Dowager Countess.  Long may she reign.

dowager countess for the win

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Thanks,  Jessica Hill

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