Even if you don’t really care who wins the NFL championship on any given year, the big game is a great opportunity to have friends over for a party.  Add in some snacks, beer, and a few easy decorations from the dollar store for a really fun night!  I pulled this food table and backdrop together with materials from the dollar store, and you could easily replicate the look for less than $20 – including those giant mugs!

Concessions Banner

The easy tutorial for this simple football food party backdrop will up on the blog soon.  The streamers and twine can be found at the dollar store, and the bunting itself is made from a paper grocery bag.

backdrop and runner

I will share the easy tutorial for this stamped kraft paper table cover later this week.  Paper table covers will save your tablecloth from spills and stains, and they can be customized to fit any party theme.  I found my roll of kraft paper in the office supply aisle of Dollar Tree by the mailing supplies.

Super Bowl Table

I brought out some of my dollar store glass beer mugs to flank the table.  As guests bring more food and snacks, they can grab a mug which will make more room for food!

Super Bowl Centerpiece

I made a quick centerpiece from mason jars, paper straws, and more paper bag triangles.  The dollar store doesn’t carry colored jars, but you could either paint the ones they do carry or just leave them clear.  I found the green paper straws at Dollar Tree around Christmas, but I am not sure they would carry them this time of year.  Craft sticks or wooden skewers would work just as well to hold up the pennants.

paper bag bowls

Brown paper lunch bags, also from the dollar store, can be rolled down to form bowls for chips and other snack foods.  You may not even have to wash dishes at the end of the party!

Super Bowl Decor

Whether you are a fan of football, funny commercials, or tasty snack food, the Super Bowl is a great opportunity for a party.  Pick up these basic items and you can throw an amazing party, no matter who is on the field.

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