15 Minute Faux Stacked Bangles

15 minute faux stacked bangles

When it comes to bracelets this year, it seems like the more, the merrier.  Trendy magazines are showing  bangles in colors and metallics, beads and baubles, all stacked up in a row.  I like a good bracelet, so I was willing to jump on the banglewagon.

This easy project is so quick to do, I am offering it as part of Craft Lightning, hosted by my friends Angie from The Country Chic Cottage and Carolina from 30 Minute Crafts.  They have organized another round of lightning quick craft projects from crafters around the blogosphere.  Be sure to check out both of their blogs for highlights and link parties all week long!


To make Faux Stacked Bangles, you will need:

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wooden beads

floral wire

tweezers or pliers

pop can

coil one end of the wire

You should be able to find both this colored floral wire and the wooden beads at Dollar Tree.  The wire is the same material I used to create my Floral Wire Pumpkins.  I used not quite one package of it for my bracelet.

Begin by using tweezers or pliers to coil one end of the floral wire back on itself.  This prevents all the beads from slipping off the end of the wire.

thread on beads

Thread the beads on the wire in whatever pattern you like best!

coil off other end

After all the beads are on the wire, coil the wire off just past the last bead.  Cut the wire just past the coil.

wrap around pop can

I found that wrapping the bracelet around a pop can is a great way to get even coils.  If the bracelet gets banged up while wearing it, you can always re-form it around a can again.

dollar store wire and bead bracelet

And, just that easily, you have a bright and colorful bracelet that imitates the stacked bangles that are so popular this season.  I was able to make this bracelet in just about 15 minutes, but that includes all the times I was interrupted by a “helpful” two-year old.

bead necklace

With some adjustments, you can also wear the same piece as a layered beaded necklace.

faux stacked bracelets

It’s a playful look and only cost around $2 to make!  If you make one for yourself, be sure to tweet or instagram a picture to @madincrafts.  I would love to see it!

If you enjoy quickie craft projects, check out my past Craft Lightning projects: PB-Inspired Golden Burlap Candles, PB-Inspired Bronze Owls,  and Glitter Edged Holiday Coasters or visit 30 Minute Crafts and The Country Chic Cottage!

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Thanks,  Jessica

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