Zebra and Bling Reusable Gift Box

Zebra and Bling Reuseable Gift Wrap

I love watching characters in movies and TV shows open presents.  The packages are always perfectly wrapped so that the lid lifts right off the box without any messy ripping of paper or shredding of ribbons.  Have you ever tried to actually wrap a gift like that?  Not only is it time consuming and tedious, but it wastes a TON of wrapping paper.

I found a way to make a fabulous gift box that opens like a scene from a movie, but that can be reused over and over again!  The secret?  Duct tape!

duct tape and bling

To make a Zebra and Bling Reusable Gift Box, you will need:

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lidded box (like a jewelry box or shoebox)

zebra patterned duct tape (mine was from Dollar Tree)

tissue paper

Bling on a Roll

gift box wrapped in duct tape

Begin by completely covering the box and the box’s lid with patterned duct tape.  The pattern is not going to match up, so just go with it.  There are dozens of patterns available, so you aren’t limited to just zebra print.  If there is excess tape at the top of the box or the edge of the lid, simply tuck it inside the box and stick it down so you have a crisp edge.

Stuff the box with tissue paper in a contrasting color (and the gift, of course).

duct  tape box

Close up the box and tie on a length of Bling on a Roll for sparkle.  The bling will slip off of the box intact, and the lid of the box can be removed without damaging the pattern.  Since both the Bling on a Roll and duct tape are durable, the package can be opened and re-wrapped over and over again and it will still look beautiful!

Duct tape isn’t cheap, but think of all the money you spend on wrapping paper and bows that just get thrown into the trash.  This box can be reused multiple times, which eventually saves money and landfill space.  Plus, who wouldn’t want to be given a gift wrapped in zebra print and rhinestones, honestly?


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Thanks,  Jessica Hill

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