Whole House Palette and a Painting Tips Round-Up

house palette



We are painting the entire interior of The Mad House, and it has been an experience!  I had originally thought about going with a limited color palette of just a few colors to tie the whole house together, and, well, I haven’t stuck to it at all.


The graphic you see above is the latest incarnation of the plan for the house.  I still need to decide on colors for the downstairs bathroom and the large family room.  Should I reuse one of the colors already in the house or go nuts and pick two MORE colors?  (BTW, the color in my daughter’s room is actually WAY brighter than it looks in the graphic.  Just wait till you see it.)


While we are spending our days with brushes and rollers, you might be interested in some of the blogs I consulted for painting tips and tricks.


Pretty Handy Girl Blog 

The amazing Brittany from Pretty Handy Girl has two posts that I found very helpful.  First, she posted a great tutorial on painting interior doors the professional way.  The Mad House has lovely 4-paneled doors, but some of them are painted in a weird two-tone way so they need to be repainted.  Brittany also has a 3-part series on painting like a pro that culminates in this picture-centric tutorial for painting a room.



source: Making It Lovely


Nichole on Making It Lovely has this comprehensive list of tips and tricks for painting.  She takes you through the whole process step-by-step, including gathering your tools and picking a color!



source: Young House Love


Of course, Young House Love has a basic painting walk through as well.  YHL’s post has good tips for tag teaming a room with a painting partner: how to work efficiently and stay out of each other’s way!


What are your best painting tips?

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