What’s Gonna Work? TEAMWORK!

For this costume, you will need:
Green sweat suit
White sailor hat
Blue ribbon
Red craft pom pom
Tan felt (approx. 1/2 yard)
Red fleece (approx. 1/2 yard)
Red, yellow, and blue felt sheets
Green permanent marker
Craft glue

Last Fall, I couldn’t find a Tuck costume for my son who ADORES The Wonder Pets. Here is my cheap and unskilled attempt at making him a Halloween costume. Cute kid, right?

I took a white fishing hat, turned the brim inside the hat and stitched it to the hood of the sweatshirt. I added a blue satin ribbon and a red pompom. The cape is red fleece just tied around the neck. Do you like my sewing mannequin?

I cut a simple breastplate shaped piece out of tan felt. I attached some velcro to the shoulder and waist straps to attach the shell piece.


I cut two half oval shapes from tan felt. I overlapped them to make a conical shape, pinned them and sewed them. I then added the velcro to attach it to the front piece.

I used red, yellow and blue felt to make the Wonder Pets insignia, gluing it together with craft glue. I then stitched it onto the cape.Using a green Sharpie, I drew turtle-y markings on the front piece. I thought about drawing marks on the shell too, but since it gets covered by the cape, I 86ed it.

We reused this cape many times just for playing around the house. And since it is made of fleece, it makes a nice little lovey blanket too!


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