Turn a Christmas Tree into a Sweets Table

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Turn a Christmas Tree into a Sweets Table
If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen that of all the Bronner’s trees I shared, I was most drawn to the Scrumptious Sweets Tree.  I have always loved the idea of having one tree dedicated to all the delicious treats of the season.  When I was asked by Dollar General to create a holiday table, I decided to define the term “table” a little bit loosely.
Instead of a traditional sweets table, I created a Sweets Tree complete with both decorations AND candy.  The tree sits in our dining room and the kids are occasionally allowed to pick a treat off the tree to enjoy.
EAT ornaments
I visited our local store to check out the Dollar General Holiday décor available.  Dollar General had a surprisingly large selection of holiday treats and candies in stock.  Be sure to like Dollar General on Facebook to keep up to date on their deals!
For less than $20, I was able to get a wide selection of candies, as well as some additional decorations for the tree.  Buying those items at a grocery store would have cost me twice as much!  More about the individual items later.
Tree into Sweets Table
Here’s the step-by-step for turning a tree into a sweets table:
1.  Begin by hanging your “base” ornaments.  I used silk poinsettias that I had on hand, and the Glittery Clay Snowflake Ornaments I made for Dollar Store Crafts.

NOTE:  I chose not to put lights on this tree.  If you put lights on your sweets tree, make sure to use LED lights.  Traditional lights may melt your candies!
2.  I wrapped a large mesh ribbon from Dollar General around the tree for color and movement.
3.  Fill in gaps with additional ornaments.  I used a box of silver ball ornaments from Dollar General to give the tree some shine since I left off the lights.
4.  Dollar General had these adorable cookie-like letter ornaments in stock.  I spelled out EAT down the center of the tree.
5.  I hung all my candies and treats all over the tree.
6.  I finished the tree by wrapping the base with a glittery table cover as a tree skirt.
Candy Cane Tree
These cute candy trees were a dollar each, and they came with their own loop for hanging on the tree!
Gum Ball Ornaments
I bought a one dollar package of 6 Christmas colored gum balls.  I heated the end of lengths of floral wire in a flame and poked the wire into the gum ball.  Make a crook with the wire and you have instant gum ball ornaments!

Coal Candy

I couldn’t resist these bags of candy “coal.”  Even if you are on the naughty list, you still can get a tasty treat from this tree.  I just hung the mesh bags of candy from an ornament hanger and tucked them into the tree.

Sweets Tree

Between the colorful lollipops and candy canes, cookie ornaments and glittering ribbon, we now have a fun, sweet tree in our dining room.

Have I convinced you?  Are you ready to ditch your sweets table for a sweets tree?

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Thanks,  Jessica Hill

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