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valentines card

Do you send cards in the mail? Think back. When was the last time you went through the WHOLE process?

  1. Drive to the store.
  2. Stand in front of the rows and rows of different cards.
  3. Pick up a promising card, read it, get discouraged, put it back in the slot.  Repeat 14 times.
  4. Choose a card that kind of-sort of says what you wanted to say.
  5. Pay for the card.
  6. Put it in an envelope.
  7. Look up the person’s address.
  8. Address the envelope.
  9. Look for a stamp in your purse, desk, and junk drawer.
  10. Drive to the post office because you don’t own any stamps.
  11. Finally put the card in a mail box and pray it gets there in time.

It’s a lot of effort.  But now think of the last time you reached into your mailbox and realized there was an honest-to-goodness actual greeting card in amongst the bills and junk mail.  It felt pretty great, right? 

That’s why when I had the opportunity try a new service on, I was so excited!  Since Treat is online, you can create and send real cards any time, anywhere.  Just choose your favorite card, personalize it specifically for your recipient, and have Treat address it, stamp it, and mail it for you! 


Treat allows you to make Valentine’s Day Cards that are as personalized as digital cards, but which are then printed out and sent to your door (or the door of your Valentine!).  Now, not only do you not have to go through all the steps of buying and mailing a traditional card, but you can make it so awesome and personalized that the recipient is likely to — wait for it — ACTUALLY KEEP THE CARD.

guy and gi

You can personalize almost everything about the cards on Treat.  For the card I created for my kids to give my parents, I was able to change the salutation of the card to read “Guy and Gi.”  Those are the invented names my kids use for them, and which I am not likely to find on any mass-produced card.  I was then able to add pictures of the kids to all the available photo frames.

Not only can you add your own pictures and change the wording of the card, you can choose colors, fonts, and font size as well.  It’s fun to get creative with the different design elements of the card.

daredevil valentine

I also created cards for my son and my daughter.  I chose cards that let me add their faces to the illustrations, which they are going love.  They are also going to freak out that they are getting actual mail addressed to THEM.  That’s like Christmas for a 6 year old.

donut and coffee

Treat’s card designs are so cute that I got kind of sneaky on this card.  I removed the wording from the front of the card, leaving just the illustration.  I am not sending this card at all.  This one is a gift for me!  I am planning on framing it up and hanging it in our kitchen.  It’s a 5×7 card so it should look adorable in a matted frame.

 photo Treat_zps832edd2c.png 

Treat has cards for all your valentines too: spouses, friends, siblings, teachers, and more.  Add your own messages and photos and make them as personalized as you like.On Treat, you can also make personalized Photo Gifts like mugs and cell phone cases if you would like to have a gift to go with your awesome card.

For a limited time, Treat is offering a special coupon code for first time customers!  With the code SENDMORELOVE you can send 3 paper cards for just $6.  (Offer expires 2/28/2014) Use the code and have the cards delivered to your home for FREE or send them directly to your friends and family for the additional cost of a stamp.  Just be sure to order before 2/10/2014 to make sure your cards are delivered in time for Valentine’s Day.

Which people in your life deserve a personalized card this Valenine’s Day?  After you’ve sent your cards, be sure to upload a picture to Instagram with the hastag #SendMoreLove so I can check out your creativity.

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