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It’s time to bid farewell to yet another year.  My non-crafting life was filled with a new house, a new baby, and all the new challenges and blessings that go along with both.  As usual, I am thankful for the diversion and enjoyment this blog, and its readers, always bring.
Just like last year, I have made up recap of my favorite projects of the year.  For 2010, I actually had a whole year of posting from which to choose, so I cheated and gave a few of my entries multiple parts.  😛
My Top 10 Favorite Projects of 2010:
I love the way this Goodwill find was so simply transformed in my Key Storage Makeover.  Useful AND attractive!
I made this cheater’s version of Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte for Valentine’s Day, but it is good enough (and simple enough) to make anytime.
These Playroom Curtains made from a Crib Ruffle aren’t your typical curtain tutorial… You’ll have to read it to see why.  😀
I was so thrilled with my $1.50 iPod Workout Arm Band because I would be able to use it all year at my new gym, but then I promptly got pregnant and galactically tired and the poor thing sat in a drawer all year.  😛
My son’s Big Boy Bed Transformation was a labor of love.  Now if he would only stay in the stinkin’ thing at night….
My 5 Minute “Green” Placemat Pillows couldn’t be simpler.  I bet if you ran out to the store right now, you could find some Holiday placemats on clearance that would make great pillows for next Christmas.  I might have to do that myself, come to think of it!
This quick and easy PB Kids Art Display Knock-Off was also posted over at Dollar Store Crafts.  Love ya, Heather!
The mostly homemade Disney’s Cars Birthday Party I did for my son was a big hit.  I’m already starting to come up with ideas for his next birthday!
This year my fall decorations were inspired by Pottery Barn including these Book Page Leaves which I used to decorate along with some Leafy Goodness and Fruits and Veg.
My Dollar Barn Easter series (Parts One, Two, Three and Four) was my favorite project to make in 2010.  It’s so fun to be inspired by pricy home decor and then recreate it on a budget!
According to Google Analytics, Mad in Craft readers’ favorite  of 2010 were:
Alright, alright.  I get it.  You like Pottery Barn knock-offs.  😛
I am so thankful for all you readers, whether you have been around since the beginning or you are a new follower.  Your comments and encouragement always brighten up my day and the amazing tutes you link up to my Mad Skills parties inspire me to keep creating and writing.
Here’s to a fantastic new year!
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  1. says

    Such great ideas and crafts!! I am in the process of transforming a "big girl's room" also and have my fingers crossed that it goes smoothly :)

  2. says

    I loved seeing your recap of 2010. I had missed some of those posts… so, it was nice to "catch up". I liked them all, but the one I think I will try is the placemat pillows…. and i liked your tip about using the bag as filler, so that no one will snuggle up with them…. that is exactly why I need to replace my pillows so many times….. Thanks again….. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  3. says

    I have really enjoyed following your blog and joining your link party. You have given me a TONS of wonderful inspiration!! I can't wait to see what you bring us in 2011!! Google Analytics is right WE DO LOVE the PB Knock Off's!! I have a catalog. I got it JUST to make some Knock Off's of my own!!! OH and next time you make the Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte I will GLADLY come help you eat it!!!! Ya know since there were only 3 of you!! :)Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :)

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