Tie-Dye 101: Techniques from Tulip



There are so many ways to use tie-dye, and it seems like people are constantly coming up with new and unique ways to create trendy tie-dye projects.  But sometimes you just want some good, old-fashioned rainbow tie-dye, you know?  Tulip’s kits make it SO easy!


Tulip Tie Dye


All you need for some easy tie-dying is a one-step kit from Tulip.  The kits contain dye powders in squeeze bottles.  Just add water.  No vinegar, no buckets, no fuss!




While I went outside the box with the dyes for my daughter’s Watercolor Flower Curtains, I had so much dye left over that I decided to do some more traditional techniques as well.


I used Walmart flat sheets for the curtains.  While they are not the best quality sheets, they each come in a handy little cotton bag with a snap closure.  I always save these bags because they are great for small storage.  Since they are cotton, they are also perfect for tie-dyeing.


Pre Tie Dye


I tied the small pillowcase bag and one of the two sheet bags (the two farthest left) using the stripe technique.  I tied the other sheet bag using the spiral technique.  Finally I tied the spare pillowcase in the classic bulls-eye technique.


Tie Dye Applied


The beauty of the Tulip kits is that there is no messy dunking involved.  I just squirted the dyes onto the fabric where I wanted them.  It took more time to wrap the bags in rubber bands than it did to dye them!


Traditional Bulls Eye Tie Dye Pillowcase


Could this pillow case have a more classic tie-dye look?!?  I love the perfect circles and graduated colors.  It’s retro, but in the best possible way!  Pillowcase, check.  Now on to the sheet bags!


Tie Dyed Storage Bags



Once the sheet bags had been rinsed, washed, and dried, I used a short length of ribbon and a safety pin to thread a quick drawstring through the hem at the top of each bag.  The snap still closes, but the drawstring provides extra security against things falling out.


These bags are great for keeping small toys or playing cards together or for storing craft supplies like crochet hooks.  You could even use them for snacks to throw in your purse (the tie dye will make them easy to spot).  If anything spills, you can toss the bags right into the washer and dryer!


Which tie dye team are you on: traditional or innovative?

Full disclosure here.

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