Stenciled Watercolors (for People Who Can’t Paint)


I love abstract floral watercolors.  I think they are so lovely and soft, but they also have a graphic punch.  I tried to recreate that look with the watercolor curtains in my daughter’s bedroom, and I wanted some artwork to match.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the artistic skills to create the finished product that I wanted.  Instead, I found a hack that makes it possible for anyone who can hold a paintbrush to create gorgeous watercolor paintings!

To make Stenciled Watercolor Paintings, you will need:

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watercolor paper

watercolor paints (mine were kids paints from the dollar store!)


small bowl of water


stencil adhesive


It’s important to use watercolor paper for this project.  It’s not that expensive, and it makes the end product look so much nicer.  Spray the back of the stencil with a bit of stencil adhesive and position it on the paper.  Begin by adding a few basic colors to the stencil.


Add in more colors, using the water to blend them together.  DON’T be fussy about where the colors go.  The more they blend, the more beautiful it will look.


Remove the stencil and admire your artistry.  Some of the color will seep under the stencil, but that is just fine.  It adds to the “painterly” look of the piece.


When I say that this tutorial is for anyone who can hold a paintbrush, I mean it.  It’s a great way to have your kids create colorful artwork that can easily be framed and hung on a wall.

watercolors with stencils

The more colors used, the better.  The only way to mess it up would be to douse the paper with water.  That might make the colors spread around the stencil more than you want, blurring the shapes.  Otherwise, you can just go to town!


These make beautiful place cards or greeting cards too, just fold the paper in half.  You know, in case you forgot that FATHER’S DAY IS THIS SUNDAY!


Look how pretty the prints look matted and framed!  There is no way I could have created that freehand, but I don’t think you could tell that I used a stencil either.  The process is so simple and quick, that you could make enough paintings for an entire room in one morning.


EDITED TO ADD:  Want to see the process in action?  Check out the video above!

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Thanks,  Jessica




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