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EDIT:  Oopsadaisy.  It seems I misspelled “parameters” in the earlier version of the printable.  A++ to the grammar sticklers who helped me find it.  The graphics have been fixed in this post AND on Scribd.  Enjoy the correct versions!


There was a blank spot above the head of my son’s bed in his Super Space Geek Bedroom, so I decided to fill it with a frame collage of quotes.  I already had two white frames on hand, so I picked up a few more at Dollar Tree and painted them white to match.  I just had to whip up some prints to put in the frames!


font meme


To create my son’s name in a Star Wars font, I went to Font Meme and entered his name in the generator.  I selected the color and font size I wanted and clicked “Generate.”  I was then able to save the image to my computer, and use it as an Overlay in PicMonkey.  Then I just resized it to fit an 8×10 frame!


space geek frame cluster


The “I love you to the moon and back” printable is from Sprik Space. She has dozens of lovely FREE printables and decorative papers available for download. You should DEFINITELY check her site out!


star wars


(I totally stole the idea to use this Star Wars quote from this amazing nursery featured on Ohdeedoh.)


I created the other prints in PicMonkey.  I just created a colored background using a rectangle overlay.  Next, I cropped the background to the size frame I would use (5×7).  Then I played with the text tool until I liked the way the words looked.  After I was satisfied, I saved it to my computer with the others.


buzz lightyear


Once I had all my prints saved to my computer, I uploaded them to Walgreens and had them printed off in an hour!  Frame them up, hang them, and admire your “hard work.”


timelord party


If you would like to use the prints I have already created, you can download them from Scribd and print them out yourselves.  I am not a professional at this by any means, so I can’t promise that they will print out in professional quality.




Time Lord star wars Buzz

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