Simple Solar System

Since we are renting our home, we are not allowed to paint.  Huge bummer.  Especially since all the walls and molding are stark white. 
In order to bring color into my son’s space-themed room, I decided to use up some of that large wall space with an easy solar system.  I had originally seen an idea like this at Make Baby  and thought that I could easily adapt it for my project.
To make an easy solar system, you will need:
quilting squares in a variety of fabrics
10 embroidery hoops in various sizes
hot glue
To make each planet, all you have to do is stretch the fabric over the inner circle of the embroidery hoop, as if you were going to do some cross-stitch. 
Use the outer hoop to keep the fabric taut while you hot glue the fabric to the inside of the inner circle. Once the glue is dry, remove the outer circle and hang on the wall.
If you wanted to keep your options open, you could just put the fabric in the embroidery hoops like you normally would and hang them up. I didn’t like having the adjusting knobs showing, so I didn’t use them.
To make the rings on Saturn, I simply cut the outer circle from the largest embroidery ring into 2 arcs.  I painted them in coordinating colors and glued the arcs to the planet.
Once your planets are made, you can hang them on the wall in whatever way is pleasing to your eye. 
I really like the way this project turned out!  Not only did it add some much needed color to my son’s room, but I can use it to practice colors, counting and, eventually, the names of the planets with him!
(And, yes, I included Pluto as a planet.  Poor little guy has gotten such a bad rap lately! :P)
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