Sew a Heart Patch on Jeans


If you are a parent, you know the frustration of the knee hole.  Kids grow out of clothes so quickly, it seems like you are replacing entire wardrobes twice a year.  When a knee blows out of a pair of jeans that are otherwise in perfectly good shape, it’s aggravating.


Thankfully, you only need very basic sewing skills to patch up a hole like this.  Trust me.  If I can manage it, anyone can.


To fix my daughter’s jeans, I used:
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heart embellishments from the dollar store (any patch or scrap of fabric of a similar weight to the pants will do)
needle and thread
fabric glue (optional)


First, I took steps to prevent the hole from growing any larger.  I stitched around the hole twice with a simple whip stitch.  If you are sewing onto a stretchy fabric, be sure to pull the fabric taut as you sew.  Otherwise the minute the pants stretch when worn, all your stitches are going to pop.  Even though this wasn’t stretch denim, I still got little puckering because I wasn’t keeping the denim taut as I sewed.

I ran a bead of fabric glue around the perimeter of the hole before adding the patch.  This is an optional step, but it helps to make sure the patch stays in place.  And with my sub-par sewing skills, I can use all the help I can get. 

I placed the patch over the hole in the jeans, making sure the hole was fully covered.


Finally I used a poor attempt at a zigzag stitch to sew the patch into place.  If these were anything other than play jeans, I would have been more precise with my stitches.  Then again, if they were nicer pants, I probably wouldn’t have patched them with something from the dollar store either!


This quick patch won’t hold up forever, but it will give my daughter a few more months of wear out of this pair of jeans.  Which is basically how long it will take before she outgrows them.


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Thanks,  Jessica
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