Scribble Shop Challenge: DIY Shoe Redo

scribble shop challenge shoes square edit
A few weeks back I was chosen through Blueprint Social to participate in a crafting mystery box challenge sponsored by Scribble Shop

The rules were simple.   Scribble Shop would send me a box containing 8-10 random products that are sold on  I was to create one project using as many of the materials in the box as possible.  Stash materials were allowed as well.


scribble shop box

I received my mystery package in the mail and was so excited to see just what would be inside.

scribble shop mystery box

So much crafty goodness!  And CHOCOLATE!

mystery box materials

The  items that came in my Scribble Shop mystery box were:
#1 Two packages of curly wool roving in green and blue
#3  Ferrero Rocher chocolates
How was I going to incorporate all these materials into one project?  I have to tell you, it was a stretch of my creativity!  I had NO idea what wool roving was or how to use it, and truth be told, I am not much of a feathers OR chalkboard paint kind of gal.  The loose glitter was the only material I was comfortable with.  And the chocolate, of course.  SO comfortable with the chocolates.
After some research via Google and some major brainstorming, I decided to redesign a pair of shoes.  Because Project Accessory made me think I could.  ((shakes fist at Project Accessory))
This whole project was WAY out of my comfort zone, but I think that is a good thing!  In the end, I was able to use everything in the box with the exception of the wool roving, which is now my crafting nemesis.  But that is getting ahead of things, so let’s start at the very beginning.

(If you just sang, “A very good place to start” in your head, we are now better friends.)


goodwill shoes

I bought these red, patent leather, open-toed slingbacks at Goodwill for $1.50.  They were in my size and in relatively good shape, so I thought they would be a good starting place for this challenge.
However, the red was NOT going to work for what I had in mind, so I got to work.

painted with chalkboard paint

I followed the directions on the bottle of paint, and set out to turn the red shoes black.  I know, I know.  Chalkboard paint on shoes seems crazy.  And it is.

after one coat

This is what the shoes looked like after one coat of paint.  I was a little nervous.

apply decoupage medium

You can see that after the second coat of paint, the shoes looked great.  They have a matte black look to them and took the paint surprisingly well.  I even bent the shoes around a bit, and the paint didn’t crack at all.
Next, I attacked the bottoms of the shoes.  I painted decoupage medium onto the soles and heels of the shoes wherever it would be visible when standing.

glittered sole

Inspired by FABULOUS Rene Caovilla sandals, I shook the loose glitter onto the decoupage and let it dry.  Then I covered it in a coat of clear sealant.  I had never used the Martha glitter before and it. is. magic.

check that sparkle

After adding the sealant, I was able to run my fingers over the glitter without any of it coming off.  And the sparkle is amazing!

decoupage candy wrapper on heel

I wasn’t sure whether the chocolates were meant just as a special treat or if I was actually supposed to use them in the project.  To be on the safe side, I incorporated them into the shoe redo by decoupaging a bit of the gold foil wrapper onto the tip of the heels.  It ended up looking really cool!

Of course, I ate the chocolates.  Did you even have to ask?

decoupage on fabrics

I used the fabric swatches to reline the inside of the shoes.  I just cut the material to size and glued it on with decoupage.

bend down bead prongs

To further “fancify” the shoes, I decided to add embellishments to the toe of each shoe.  First I bent the prongs of the glitter brads back so they were flat.

feather and bead embellishments

I spray painted four of the white feathers gold, cut them down to a manageable size, and hot glued them to the back of some of the glitter brads. 

embellishment closeup

Then I glued the embellishments to the toe of each shoe.
finished shoes
Behold!  The finished product!  I think these shoes would be awesome for a prom or night out.  I am not sure how the gold foil would hold up with a lot of walking, but the rest should be wearable.  I thought there was no way I would really like the final look of the shoes, but I tried them on and they are pretty cute!
And now a ton of glamour shots of my “couture” shoes!

embellishment shot

diy shoe redo

fancy DIY shoes

glitter soled diy shoes

scribble shop challenge shoes

scribble shop diy shoes

shoes again

And to show you how far these $1.50 shoes came on this crazy ride:

Picnik collage

Can you believe they are the same shoes?!?
If you are in need of some crafty supplies, Scribble Shop is offering Mad in Crafts readers 15% off until April 20th, so stock up.  Just enter the code MADNCRFT when you checkout.
Thanks so much to Scribble Shop and Blueprint Social for being able to be a part of this fun challenge!  Learn more about Scribble Shop on facebook, twitter, and Google+!
Full disclosure HERE.
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