S-BOT 2007: A Craft Odyssey

This is the last post in the series about decorating my son’s bedroom. Check outallthe otherpoststoo, please! This is the first project I started and finished as a blogger, so I did a better job of chronicling the process with photos. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!To make your own BOT, you will need:
a hand-me-down bedside table that has seen better days
metallic silver spray paint
craft paint in a variety of colors (I got mine at the dollar store)

This bedside table was a hand-me-down from my mother-in-law (yay, hyphens!) and has been totally uglifying my son’s room for far too long. The table itself isn’t SO bad, but over the years it has gotten pretty beaten up. I removed the drawer pull months ago, in fears that my son would pull the drawer down onto himself.
I spent the little one’s naptime spraying the table with two coats of paint. Poor Mr. Pointer was an unavoidable civilian casualty.Now for the fun part! I used craft paints in the same colors as several collapsible

storage bins I got at the dollar store. And, yes, I did check that the paints were non-toxic. Hopefully the boy won’t spend too much time chewing on his bedside table, though.

“Query: Will you be my friend?”

Back inside I freehanded some gears, tracks, and control panels on the S-BOT 2007.
And a few hours later…

The S-BOT finally fulfills his directive: holding dollar store bins full of diapers. While looking impossibly cute, of course.

And one final before and after shot.I was insufferable for a few hours after finishing this project, I am sure. I kept making my husband look at it and make comments. “Did you see how I painted gears?” “What do you think of the little control panel?” “Don’t you like how he looks both happy and a little startled?” “Why aren’t you as excited about this as I am?”

Boys just don’t understand the important things in life.



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