Rustic Winter Wreath

The old becomes new:  Elements from two past projects are combined to make a new front door wreath.


rustic winter wreath square


I am really liking my new rustic winter wreath, tongue twister that it is.  Using only items from my stash, I made and hung it in less than 10 minutes!




First, I removed the yo-yo flowers from my Easy Summer Wreath which left me with a rustic-looking, twine-wrapped dollar store wreath form.




Then I dug out the Glittery Resin Snowflakes I made last summer using Envirotex Lite resin.  The snowflakes already had hanging ribbon built-in, so attaching them to the wreath was a breeze.


rustic wreath closeup


I found some lace trim in my stash and used straight pins to attach it to the foam wreath in a sort of diagonal swag.  Then I used more straight pins to pin the snowflakes in place.  I hung it from the door hanger and that was all it took!


rustic winter wreath


It is amazing how a bright summer wreath and some modern-looking resin ornaments can combine to make this feminine, textural wreath.  Don’t be afraid to look at décor items you already have and reinvent them into something new!

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