Quick $1 Snowflake Table Runner

snowflake runner square


Christmas is over, and the tree is down.  One of the ways I make sure that I can enjoy some of my decorations for a while after Christmas (and not have to stress about taking them down right away) is to incorporate several generic Winter-themed decorations in with my full-on Christmas décor.


This year’s abundance of snowflakes and candy canes made for decorations that I will be able to leave up for a few months yet.  If you are looking for quick, easy, and inexpensive transitional decorations, this table runner fits the bill!


snowflake table runner

To make a dollar store snowflake table runner, you will need:

a package of 6 foam snowflakes from Dollar Tree




dollar store snowflake table runner


All I did to make this small runner was to lay the snowflakes out in a design I liked and that fit my small side table.  Then, I stapled the snowflakes together wherever they touched.  1-2-3, and I had a wintery table runner.


foam snowflake table runner


If you were making a runner for a dining room table, you could either use two packages of snowflakes (for a whopping cost of $2) or make a single line of flakes running the length of the table.


I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and that you are richly blessed in the new year!

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