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Puzzle of Life Photo Gallery

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Personal Creations.  I was compensated and given free product in exchange for this post, but all opinions are 100% my own.

A few years ago, my mom scanned and printed dozens of old family photos and hung a beautiful photo gallery wall going up their stairs.  The black and white photos are matted with white and framed in black, and they depict family members going back several generations.  Guests always remark how beautiful the gallery is, and they spend time walking up the steps and examining the photos.  But when they came to the top of the steps, there was a blank wall.


When I told my mom that I would be able to create a Puzzle of Life photo gallery, she thought it might be a nice way to fill up the blank wall at the top of the stairs.  The Puzzle of Life frames are designed to tell your family’s story through pictures, words, and illustrations.  Since she already had a lovely gallery of family photos, my mom and I designed this gallery to feature all the homes in which my parents have lived (there have been quite a few). 

layout puzzle pieces

Although the frames also come in a variety of stained wood finishes, we decided to design the gallery using painted frames in black and white to mimic the black and white gallery she already had.   The large piece in the center is the only piece in the gallery with the black finish, so that it stands out.  The Bible passage engraved in the wood sets the tone for the whole gallery.

custom engraving

When you are creating your Puzzle of Life gallery, I suggest sketching out your design on a piece of paper as you go.  Identify each puzzle piece with the appropriate letter for its shape (A, B, C, D, or E) so that when you check out, you can just select 2 As and 3 Cs, etc.  The puzzle gallery we designed is huge, almost 4 feet by 3 feet, and is made of 11 different puzzle piece frames.

individual frames

We could have chosen to personalize each individual puzzle frame, but instead we decided to focus on the photos themselves.  My mom and I were both impressed by the quality of the frames, which are handmade by Amish woodworkers.  The puzzle pieces fit together beautifully, without sticking or scraping.

hang the puzzle gallery wall

When you hang your gallery, give special care to the first piece you hang as it will set the mark for the rest of the gallery.  Make sure it is perfectly level before moving onto the rest of the gallery.  The interlocking pieces give some support to each other, so once you get hanging things go more quickly than you might expect.  I strongly recommend using Command picture hanging strips for as many pieces as you are able.  I hung the top row of the gallery with nails for stability, and hung the bottom two rows with strips.  The Command strip frames went up in half the time the top row took.

full puzzle gallery

While you can make your photo gallery as large as you would like, you can also begin with a smaller set and add to it over time.  A starter set engraved with a couples’ wedding date would make a thoughtful wedding present.  The couple could add the puzzle gallery with each life event.  New baby?  Add a puzzle piece.  New home?  One more puzzle piece!

hallway display

Are you thinking that a Puzzle of Life gallery would look darn good on your wall?  Personal Creations is offering Mad in Crafts readers a 20% discount off of their entire purchase!  Just enter the coupon code, PCSM20, at checkout.  Be sure to also enter the giveaway widget below for a chance to win a $100 credit toward a Personal Creations purchase.  You could choose from a variety of Puzzle of Life starter sets with that $100!


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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Personal Creations

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Thanks,  Jessica

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  1. Stephanie M says

    Hmmm, well my living room walls are pretty full…lol, but I have a few blank spots in my bedroom that would work 😉

  2. eSEy Bee (@eSEy_Bee) says

    Getting ready to buy a new home. So the possibilities, are endless!
    Thank you, for the chance to win!


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