Put a Bird on It!

Apparently in some people’s opinion, birds are starting to fall out of fashion in the decorating community.  They are rapidly becoming passé, outdated, sooooooo 2010. 


You know what I think?  Who gives a rip.  I still like ‘em.

About a month ago, my mom salvaged a dozen Audubon bird prints from the trash at the elementary school where she works.  Somebody was just going to throw them out!  Crazy!


While I would love to have a whole mess of them hanging in my living room, I only have room for three.  I had a hard time choosing, but I eventually settled on:


the Summer Tanager,


the Ruby Throated Hummingbird,


and Warblers and Bluebirds.


My mom also had some framed prints in her basement that  weren’t being used.  The Audubon prints are 8×10 and the frames she found are 12×16.  Serendipity!


Since the frames are a unique size, I would have had to find custom mats for the prints.  That can get pricey, so I decided against a traditional mat.  I rummaged through the discount bolts at Joanne’s and found some tan faux suede marked down to $7 a yard.  When the saleslady unfurled the bolt, she found that there wasn’t quite a yard on the bolt, which meant that I got the fabric at salvage price.  $3.50 for it all.  A-woo hoo!


So, it’s basically impossible to take a picture of glass in my living room without there being a glare.  Grr.


All l did was stretch the suede over the cardboard backing of the frame and mount the print in the center.  I reassembled the frame and hung them on the wall.  Gorgeous bird art for $3.50 total!


See what loveliness can result when you just Put a Bird on It!

It’s flying. It’s free!
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  1. says

    They are gorgeous! I agree that we should use what we love, not one someone else determines is "out".I particularly like the warblers and blue birds one.

  2. says

    love these prints…..i am doing my spare bedroom in birds my hubby left me order the sparrow bedding from PB for my VD-gift and will soon be looking for prints for the room hope i have some luck like you did!!

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