Pumpkin Party Outfit



Having a girl is fun.  There are only so many silly ways you can dress up a little boy, but with a daughter… well, the options are endless!


I was so pleased with how her little party outfit came together.  With some time and some fantastic internet tutorials (You ladies ALL rock!  You know that, right?!?), I pulled it together for not much money at all!




This was my first time making a freezer paper stencil, and they are just as addictive as everyone says they are.  I used the tute from MADE and it was very simple.




I painted the pumpkin using paint and medium from the Martha Stewart campaign I was a part of earlier in the summer. Click the link for the compensation disclosure.   The pearl finish doesn’t show up well here, but it is very pretty in real life.




I must not have ironed the stencil down quite as long as I should have, since I had a little paint leakage.  Nothing to warrant a re-do though.




I used one of the fine-tipped squeeze bottles that Martha Stewart Crafts sent me to turn the pumpkin’s corkscrew vine into my daughter’s name.


After the shirt dried, I sewed some teal sequins on the pumpkin in the shape of a number 1.  Thank you, YouTube, for teaching me how to do that!




The rest of the outfit was made using inspiration from various places around the internet.  I made a pumpkin-shaped korker bow using the tutorial from My Frugal Family and sewed it to an elastic headband from Dollar Tree.  The tutu is also made from a DT headband and two shades of teal tulle.  The tutorial for the tutu came from My Frugal Family too.   The leggings are a pair of $2.50 socks from Target that I chopped and sewed according to this tutorial from Traveling with Baby.


Addie loved her tutu and it was a hit with the guests too.  By the end of the night, her new hippo chair had tried it on, my dad had worn it around his head like a lion’s mane, we had put it on our basset hound, and I had set it on my head like a fascinator as I pretended I was Camilla Parker-Bowles.  We know how to have a good time, huh?


For more information on our Pumpkin Party click HERE and HERE!

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