Pumpkin Party Decor

My baby girl just turned one, so we decided our little pumpkin should have a Pumpkin Party to celebrate.  Pumpkin-themed parties are fun and easy to pull off.  As a bonus, most of the decorations can be put up weeks before and stay up for weeks after, since they are just seasonal décor!  I used the same color palette for the party that I have based my home decorating on, so really I have been decorating for the party for weeks!


dollar store pumpkin bling


Obviously, for a Pumpkin Party, I needed lots of pumpkins!  Dollar Tree was a big help as a source for cheap styrofoam pumpkins.  I jazzed this one up with stick pins and sequins.  I stuck some bamboo skewers in the bottom to support in on top of the vase, which is filled with iridescent gift wrap from DT.  I used this pumpkin as a stand for the cake pops.  Since the pumpkin is made of styrofoam, the sticks poke right in!




I sawed off the top of another DT pumpkin to use as a bowl for the snack mix.  More of the teal gift wrap made it onto the serving tray with the flowers.




I bought two of these sparkly copper pumpkins at the Target dollar spot and paired one up with a thrifted copper clock (that I love) and more flowers.




The other sparkly pumpkin is hanging out with some friends: a antique copper-colored pumpkin I made from a styrofoam ball and my gold-leafed pumpkin on top of the stenciled burlap runner I made.  I made the fall leaf swag by threading fake leaves from the dollar store onto sturdy thread.




My fashionable no-sew pumpkins brought some bling to the area at the base of our steps.




My friend loaned me the Wilton  pumpkin baking pan.  I didn’t end up using it to make the cake, but it was so cute that I propped it up on my baker’s rack with more Fall goodies.




I made a quick and easy paper chain using the scrapbook papers I used on my bookshelf and in the front hallway.  Paper chains are inexpensive but look really great as party decorations.  Plus, you can have your kids get in on the fun!


Come back for more Pumpkin Party details soon!

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