Potty Points–A DIY Potty Training System

Potty Points Potty Training System

We are heading back into the treacherous world of potty training here in The Mad House.  Hoping to make the process a little easier with my daughter than it was with our son, I came up with a Potty Points system.  She can earn points throughout the day, slip them into a little points holder, and then cash them in at the end of the day for a treat!

At the beginning, she will get one point for staying dry, one for going Number 1 and two points for going Number 2.  This same point system can be used to work toward other rewards:  doing extra chores to earn points toward a new toy, a point for each A brought home from school to work up to a movie night, a point each time the kid is “caught” doing something good to be cashed in for a special date with mom or dad.  You could even use something similar in a classroom for the class to work together toward a common goal, like a party day or extra recess time!

To make a Potty Points System, you will need:

scrapbook paper

PSA Essentials Dress Up Stamps and Grapefruit Pink ink

cereal box

circle cutter

Sparkle Mod Podge

paint brush

stick-on crystals

glue to cardboard

Begin by gluing or Mod Podging a sheet of solid color scrapbook paper to your scrap cardboard.  Use a lightweight cardboard box, like the kind cereal bars come in, so that you will be able to cut through it with your circle cutter.  Flip the cardboard over and glue a coordinating piece of scrapbook paper to the opposite side, sandwiching the cardboard in the middle.

stamp points

Using a princess stamp from the PSA Dress Up stamp pack and Grapefruit Pink ink, I stamped several images onto the solid colored paper.

brush on sparkle mod podge

Cut the images out using a circle cutter (mine was set to 1 1/2 inch).  Use the Sparkle Mod Podge to seal the circles and add stability.

mod podge the reverse side

After the first side dries, coat the opposite side and the edges with Mod Podge.

magnetic storage tins

Meanwhile, it’s time to prep the point holder!  I bought a set of 2 of these tins at Wal*Mart.  They have strong magnets on the back and little clear plastic windows on the front.  Begin by popping the plastic window out of one of the tins.

blinged out container

I used Tulip’s Glam-It-Up! self-stick crystals to bling up the front of the tin.  My daughter loves sparkly things, so I knew that the sparkle of the crystals would catch her interest more than the plain metal.  Plus, once she is potty-trained, this bad boy is going in my craft room!


Obviously this same idea could be decorated in a variety of ways; just use whichever colors and pictures would interest your child the most.  I think my daughter will like slipping the points that she has earned into the jeweled points holder.  I hope it’s the incentive she needs to get through the potty training process quickly.  The faster, the better!

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Thanks,  Jessica Hill

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