Playroom Wall Art: PB Kids Knock-Off

Thanks to Heather from Dollar Store Crafts for letting me guest post and feature this project on her blog today!

I have been working on making Boy’s new playroom more colorful and kid-friendly for the past few days.  I added some ABC/123 Wall Plaques to the walls, but the walls were still dominated by old dining room schtuff including this candle holder.

I like this candleholder, but I wasn’t going to cry to see it come down either.  The only bad part about taking it down is that it did serve as a handy place to hang up the Christmas cards we get in the mail each December. 
Keeping that in mind, my criteria for whatever would fill this space in the toy room was that it be A) functional, B) colorful, and C) cheap!
I found this very cute Star Art Cable on the Pottery Barn Kids site, but it did not fit the 3rd of my 3 criteria.  So… Cheapy Cheaperson decided to make some herself!
To make PB Kids Knock-Off Art Display, you will need:
craft foam
nails and hammer
picture wire (I bought mine in a picture hanging kit at Dollar Tree)
First, cut your craft foam into shapes, four for each wire you will be hanging.  If you want something more substantial for the ends of your wires, Dollar Tree is currently selling decorative wood cut-outs in different shapes, some painted and some unfinished.
Measure and mark on your walls where you want your wires to hang.  Push a nail through a pair of the foam shapes, and hammer the nail into the wall.  If you use the wood cut-outs, you will probably have to drill a small hole in the cut-out as the wood will splinter if you just try to nail through it.
Hammer the nail into the wall, leaving about a half an inch of nail sticking out of the wall.
Wrap one end of your picture wire around the nail, inbetween the two foam shapes.  Wrap it around the nail several times and then wrap the excess wire around itself to make it secure.
Finish hammering the nail the rest of the way into the wall, hiding the ends of the wire.  Repeat all these steps on the other end of the wire.
Add some colorful plastic clothespins to the wire.  I was originally planning on looking for old-fashioned wooden clothespins and doing the whole Mod Podge on some scrapbook paper process (now that I own Mod Podge and all), but my DT didn’t have any.  They did however have a pack of these plastic clothespins, which are just as colorful and required no extra effort on my part.  Which I am all about.
Repeat all of these steps for however many wires you want to hang up.
Get your little artiste working on some new art pieces for the gallery!
It’s a good idea to leave about a foot of space between each wire, so there is room for 8×11 pieces of paper to hang horizontally or vertically.  And, when Christmastime rolls around again, I can still use the space for those awesome cards and family pictures!
And there you have it, your very own kid-friendly art installation for hardly ANY money!  And maybe you will be able to see the front of your fridge again!
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    I love your idea to use use the wire. I did something similiar with cotton ribbon (on hand) and clothespins, but I think I like the wire better! Thanks!

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    Hi..I’m Barb… this is my 1st time here.. Thanks for hosting the party!! I am your newest follower. I hope you will get a chance to visit my blog @ get inspired by something for your family/home. I hope you will follow me as well. Nice to meet ya new friend!!!

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    Cute…I also like the idea I have seen to display kids art by painting the wall with magnetic paint and then hanging the art with magnets.

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