Playroom Wall Art: ABC/123 Plaques

I was re-inspired by My Frugal Family’s Grandin Road Knock-Off when I featured it as part of last week’s Feature Friday.  So inspired that I went out and bought my first ever bottle of Mod Podge.  It was kind of a big deal.

I decided to use Heather’s basic directions to make some art for my son’s new playroom.  The only things that were on the wall in there were left over from its days as a dining room, so I wanted to add some kid-friendly, brightly colored pieces too.
I bought 6 wall plaques at Dollar Tree and painted the edges and sides either red, blue or yellow in case the edges showed at all.  Then I followed Heather’s directions for Mod Podging on the scrapbook paper and adding embellishments. 
I hung three on either side of one of the windows in the room.  I hung them using 3M poster strips since they were so light-weight, and to make sure I wasn’t leaving unnecessary nail holes in the walls.  Sorry ahead of time for the craptastic pictures.  I did this whole project between 9-11 PM, after the little guy had gone to bed.
The B plaque was the first one I did, and you can see from the photo that I WAY overdid it with the Mod Podge.  Live and learn, and all that.
I added a foam apple to the A plaque and a few gems to sparkle up the robots on the 3 plaque.
They don’t look especially professional, but they do add some nice color to the walls in the playroom.  I’ve added a few more touches to the playroom over the past few days, so be sure to check back soon!
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    They look great. I bought a bottle of modge podge recently too and can't get enough. I bought cardboard letters from hobby lobby and covered them with scrapbook paper and I've also tried putting letters on small wooden blocks to spell names.

  2. says

    I think they turned out just fine! Lively and Colorful…gotta love scrap book paper and modge podge! It's right up there with spray paint in my book, couldn't live without them! :o)

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