Playroom Organization Tip: Puzzles

My son LOVES puzzles.  When I saw these Cars puzzles on clearance at Walgreens, 2 for $5, I snapped them up!
He absolutely loves them!  When he wakes up in the morning, they are the first thing he runs for!  However, that means that about 2 minutes after he wakes up, the floor of his playroom looks like this:
A trick I learned when I used to work at a childcare center is to number each puzzle and all the pieces that go with that particular puzzle.

That way, when the pieces get all mixed together, you can sort them out by number and then put the puzzles back together.  It makes picking up puzzles SO much easier!

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  1. says

    Oooh, I like it! Any thoughts on how to manage all the wooden baby puzzles with the knobs that stick out? Those are driving me bananas!

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