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kitchen decor


I big-pink-puffy-sparkly-heart Pinterest.  I have only been using it for a few weeks, but I have already created several very useful pinboards which have helped me keep track of all the ideas I find on the internet.


My Kitchen Décor board has been one of my favorite boards to fill up.  Each time I find a picture that makes me go “Ooooh,” I quickly pin it so I can find it later.


After days of admiring my pinboard, I decided it was time to translate those ideas to reality.


cardboard letters


Instead of buying letters for an EAT sign, I freehanded some letters onto a dismantled diaper box.  I cut them out with a box cutter verrrrrrrrrry carefully.


I have two old, yellowed copies of the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, one of which is in 3 pieces.  Since the book has seen better days, I thought it would be okay to sacrifice it for this kitchen project.


diy eat sign


I ripped up a few of the cookbook pages and Mod Podged them onto the letters.


framed silverware


I loved Beth’s idea (from The Stories of A to Z) of framing antique silverware.  I have my grandmother’s silver, but I never have a chance to use it.  By framing these pieces, I can enjoy them everyday… and I never have to wash them!


For the frame, I cut a piece of diaper box to fit in the frame.  I wedged it and a Target tea towel I had on hand into the 4th frame that I didn’t use for my Audubon Bird Prints.  The lines on the tea towel are a little wonky, but I will get over that.


Then all I had to was use some straight pins to pin the silverware onto the cardboard. 


kitchen wall display


I hung these two projects on my giant, bare kitchen wall alongside two canvasses I bought for super cheap at Family Dollar.  I had been looking for something similar to these no longer available Pottery Barn canvasses, and these are perfect.  Plus, they have Joshua 24:15 on them, which makes them even better in my opinion.


Since I had all the items on hand, I was able to finally bring some personality into our kitchen without spending any money!  I still have some things I would like to do in our kitchen, as you can see from my Pinterest board, but this is a great start.


If you would like to follow my boards on Pinterest, either click here or click on the P typewriter key on the middle sidebar of the MIC home page.


What are your favorite Pinterest boards?

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    Didn't know what a Pintrest was until now! Thanks! I save online images in a folder on my laptop or print them out to include in my Idea Books. I actually wrote a blog about my Idea Books today! Check it out if you want. Thanks,

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    I love Pinterest! And I love your crafty ideas, so of course I must pin them in the hope that they inspire me to future craftiness. :-)I just discovered your blog today. When I read the Hamlet quote I thought, "This could be BlogLove at first sight." After reading your "About" page, I'm convinced it's true. While I hate diagramming sentences, I love writing. I, too, wish that I had a red pen with which I would fix the world by correcting one error at a time.I look forward to seeing — and reading — your future posts.

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