PB Knock-Off Mirrors

It’s been a while since I actually attempted a craft of my own, so it’s probably good that this one was so easy and quick!  Frankly, we are getting to the point in our house where there just isn’t room for much more than we already have!  Don’t worry though, once we get closer to the baby’s arrival I am sure there will be some baby girl related projects coming your way.
I was looking through PB’s site to get ideas for a housewarming gift for my aunt when I came across their Noelle Mirrors (seen below).  I remembered seeing frames with similar shapes at the Dollar Tree was inspired to make a set for our house (and possibly for my aunt’s house if they turned out well).
To make PB Knock-Off Mirrors, you will need:
square frames from the dollar store
mirror candle bases from the dollar store
spray paint
duct tape
I picked out three small, square frames from DT.  I decided to choose three different frames, but you could absolutely just pick up three of the same frame if that’s more your style.  I removed the glass and backing cardboard to get them ready for painting.
I used a Rustoleum Hammered Metal spray paint in green that I bought on clearance at Big Lots.  For the life of me, I can’t find an actual color name on the can, but it ends up the color of oxidized copper.
Here are the three frames post-painting.
After they dried, I broke my rule about distressed finishes and busted out some sandpaper to rough the paint job up a little.  The PB inspiration mirrors are pressed tin and have distressed paint jobs, so I decided to give it a go.  Since the finish of each frame was different, each frame distressed a little differently.  I am not sure if I love it or not.  We’ll see if it grows on me.  If not, I can always throw on another coat of spray paint.
I got SUPER lazy when it came to attaching the mirrors, as you can see.  I didn’t want to wait for my glue gun to heat up (patience is not one of my virtues), so I just stuck the candle holders on the backs of the frames with duct tape!  These mirrors are very small, only 3″x4″, so I don’t think I need to worry about them being too heavy for the tape to handle.  If I were making these mirrors in a bigger size I would use E6000 or something stronger.
BTW, take a look at the picture warnings on the back of the candle mirror.  Apparently you shouldn’t burn a candle at the top of your basement steps, near windows and paper, nor should you let your children recreate the Jack Be Nimble nursery rhyme.  Thanks for the tip, Dollar Tree.
The finished product looks pretty good to me!  I think I might put them up in our tiny entryway, since it is pretty bare in there right now.  Since the mirrors are light, I might be able to get away with hanging them each up with a couple of 3M poster strips each.  I’ll let you know how that turns out.
Definitely not an exact replica of the PB mirrors, but at $6 for the three of them, I can deal!
Visit thecsiproject.com

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  1. says

    LOVE those!!!! Love the fire warnings too…the stuff cracks me up!!!!!!!!! LOLThanks for linking to gettin crafty on hump day! :)

  2. says

    Love the mirror idea! I literally just painted these same frames yesterday for my bedroom. We planned to use pictures, but I think mirrors would be more fun! And I never thought about distressing the one like that, I just might have to do that. Beautiful job!

  3. says

    There is NOTHING more satisfying than completing a Pottery Barn Knock-off!! This is so fabulous!!! Have a great weekend!~Alisonhttp://oopsey-daisy.blogspot.com/

  4. says

    How cute. I bought a bunch of that clearance Big Lots paint too. I'll have to stop at the Dollar Store to see what I can find to paint. Thanks for the idea.

  5. says

    These are very nice – I love your creativity! I think that color is Verde Green and it is very hard to find – I actually needed some and would have loved to get it cheap at BigLots (they sell spray paint?!)Again… love :)

  6. says

    Love these! Great idea to use the candle mirrors (funny warning label!). I'm so happy you linked up to my party today…do me a favor and add my link, k? Thanks.

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