PB-Inspired Goodwill Lamp Revamp

goodwill lamp square
I recently found a really interesting lamp at Goodwill for $2.99.  We needed a taller lamp for our living room end table, and this lamp had some detailing that reminded me of the Sutter lamp that Pottery Barn currently sells.
goodwill lamp before
Okay, it was going to take a little imagination to get that cracked shade and horrible wood finish to look as elegant as the PB inspiration, but for $2.99 I was willing to take the risk.
lamp detail
I liked the sort of “pipe fittings” look of the lamp base, but the chrome finish was all wrong.
primer coat of matte brown
First, I coated the base with matte brown spray paint to cover the metal and “wood” evenly.
first coat of ORB
After the first coat dried, I added two more coats of Krylon’s Oil Rubbed Bronze.
mark off the lampshade fabric
I had a decent amount of  faux suede leftover from my Audubon Bird Prints project, so I used it to re-cover the crummy shade.  I simply marked off how much fabric I would need and used spray adhesive to glue it to the shade.
use spray adhesive to glue fabric to shade
Then I sprayed the shade with spray adhesive and rolled on the fabric.  Don’t my scissors look tiny?  Perspective, y’all.
fold fabric over to make a clean seam
I folded the suede to make a neat seam and glued that down.
snip excess fabric every inch
In order to have the excess material fold over the top and bottom of the shade cleanly, I snipped into the fabric every inch or so.
fold fabric over and glue
Fold each tab of fabric down and glue.  Hot glue works better than the spray adhesive here.
small lamp detail
Since the details on the PB lamp were sort of an antique copper color, I thought I would try to brighten up the details on my lamp too.
detail color option
I got out some Krylon Champagne Nouveau since I had it on hand.
spray paint for dry brushing
I thought I could spray a little in a cup and then dry brush it on to the lamp.  Wellllllllllllll…
what spray paint does to styrofoam
First, I learned that spray paint does THIS to styrofoam.
detail painting FAIL
And, second, I learned that dry brushing a mixture of champagne-colored spray paint and disintegrated styrofoam doesn’t look like antiqued copper.
Nothing another quick coat of ORB wouldn’t fix.
tape off details
I put my smarty pants on and decided that to paint something copper, I would need copper paint.  So I bought some.Then I taped off the pipe fitting details with painters’ (Or is it “painter’s”?  How many painters own the tape?) tape.

copper paint details
I used Folk Art’s Metallic Antique Copper, and it is beautiful like an old penny.
brush on copper paint
It took very little time to paint the three detail areas and let them dry.
finished details
I almost copped (Get it?  “Copped?”) out of this step after the spray paint debacle, but I am SO glad that I didn’t.  I love the added detail of the copper paint.
adhesive embroidered monogram
While I was out shopping for the copper paint, I spotted this adhesive embroidered initial on clearance.  It was $2.79 marked down from $8, so I grabbed it up and stuck it on the lampshade.
before after collage
While it might not be a straight-up knock-off of the Pottery Barn lamp, it is much improved from the $2.99 Goodwill special it originally was!
pottery barn lamp knockoff
The scale of my new lamp is much better for this space in our living room, and I love the classy (albeit last minute) touch of the initial to the shade.  For less than $10, it’ll do.
Have you done any Goodwill do-overs lately?  Link them up in the comments!
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  1. says

    Love this idea. I always see slightly fugly lamps at the Goodwill and the bones of them are terrific. I think I can try this technique out and repurpose them. Thanks,Julie

  2. Anonymous says

    I love this project soooo much. I have a brass lamp that I rescued from work. I don't like brass at all but love the "shape" so I will sooo be using your idea. I also love your idea to use faux suede on the shade. My lamp came with a shade with the ugly hard pleated look. I found out that I can take off the pleating and am left with a plain shade. It will have a bit of damage so your idea of suede it great! It is opaque and will hide damage perfectly. Thanks, thanks, thanks….lol

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