PB Fall Knockoffs – Veggie, Veggie, Fruit, Fruit

Will anyone get the title of this post other than me and my mom?  I’ll be impressed if you do.

Fall is harvest time and nothing bespeaks of a bountiful harvest better than plastic fruits and vegetables, I say.  You can buy all kinds of fake (and expensive) produce from the good people at Pottery Barn:  red apples, green pears, pumpkins and gourds, and more.
You can also buy fake fruit at the dollar store.
You can also buy real fruit at the grocery store.  Who knew?
Anywhosits, at least PB has some lovely ideas of what to do with said fruits and veggies.
Very pretty.
The first thing you need to get the look are some largish glass containers.  You can, of course, buy them from PB or the dollar store, or you can shop from around your own house.
I picked a little from column B and column C.  Shocker.
I picked up a tall glass vase and a double-sided candle stand at Dollar Tree on one of my last excursions.
Take the stickers off, place one on top of the other and BOOM!  largish glass container.  I didn’t even bother gluing the two pieces together, in case I wanted to use them separately at a later time.
To go with my silk leaves, I dug up some fake sugared fruit that I used to make centerpieces for my wedding… four years ago.  Waste not, want not and all that.
Side note:  I don’t think the dollar store sells sugared-looking fake fruit, but if you like the look of it, you could use the same process I used for my Sugared Eggs this spring.
Dump the leaves and fruit into the largish glass container and you’re done.  I think I am going to make that my new catch phrase. 
“And you’re done.”
I have had this cheese cloche sitting on top of my toaster since I bought it at a garage sale in March.  Don’t judge me.
I took the cheesy cheese name plate off of the wood, set the whole shebang on another of the dollar store double-sided candle stands, and you’re done.
I mean I was done.
Maybe it’s not such a good catch phrase.
Just add some silk and book page leaves, some sugared fruit and a sugared gourd (one of the worst words ever BTW), place the glass cover back on, and you’re…. well, you know.
Here they are together with some fake wheat from the dollar store and my cute little birdcage. 
See those book page leaves hiding in there?
I also shoved a few inedible edibles around my trusty lantern.  That’s a leaf and twine wrapped pillar candle inside of the lantern too. 
Finally, I wrapped up some fake wheat (does wheat count as a vegetable? :D) and put it in my large glass pickling jar with more silk leaves.
And now I’m done.
I would love to see any fall decorating you have been doing around your house!  If you write up a tutorial for your project, please come back on Monday and link it up to the Mad Skills party!
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  1. says

    Ummmm are we referring to Veggie Veggie Fruit Fruit by Colander Combo and the Fiesta Fruit in Kitchen Kabaret in Epcot ??? Oh and I loe your PB knock offs. I am in love with PB and cannot afford the real deal :o)

  2. says

    cheesy cheese…lolI like any word that ends in ish.Your projects are fan-freaking-tastic!I also picked up a few of the largish galss containers at the dollar store…I am hoping to drip some red goo down the insides.Work in Progress…=)

  3. says

    I have a stuffed broccoli from when I went to Epcot just after it opened. Wish I could put a picture right here –> Veggie veggie fruit fruit, veggie fruit fruit…

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