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In my neighborhood, the leaves are JUST starting to think about maybe possibly turning colors one of these days.  Having lived in several states in the past 6 years, not all of which get fall color, I especially appreciate autumn in the Midwest.  This is what the tree next to my parents’ house looked like last October.
.le sigh.
One of the best parts of decorating for fall is bringing those gorgeous leaves inside.  Of course, you can just scatter silk leaves all over your house like a disoriented flower girl, but there are other more civilized ways to use them too.  If “civilized” is your kind of thing.

Pottery Barn is nothing if not civilized.  Check out some the lovely fall leaves they incorporate into their product vignettes.

I really liked the look of the leaf and twine wrapped leaves from the second of the three pictures and knew that it would easy (and cheap) to replicate.
To make Leaf Wrapped Candles, you will need:
white pillar candle (DT)
rubber band
twine (DT)
fake leaves (DT)
All you have to do to knockoff the PB leaf candles is follow 4 easy steps.
Rubber Band It! – Wrap a rubber band or hair tie around the pillar candle.
Leaf It! – Slip silk and book page leaves under the rubber band where you would like them to go.
Twine It! – Wrap twine around the leaves several times, securing all the leaves.
Un-Rubber Band It! – Slip the rubber band out from under the twine, keeping the leaves in place.
The leaf wrapped candle would look great in a lantern or hurricane.  Or you can make a few of them in different sizes and group them together.  Just PLEASEPLASE don’t light them.  Twine, leaves, paper = fire hazard for realz.  If you want candle-y ambience, light up a yummy pumpkin scented candle a safe distance away from these. 
I warn because I care.
You can use the exact same process to wrap up glass candleholders, instead of the candles themselves.  PB did it this way:
I did it this way:
Yes, those are the same candleholders I decorated as part of my Dollar Barn Christmas and Dollar Barn Easter decorations and for summer this year.  They’re versatile little buggers. 
I reused my grapevine wreaths around the base of the glass to mimic the grapevines in the one PB photo, but I am not sold on them yet.  What do you think, should they stay or go?
If you want more leafy goodness, PB sells these very nice Mixed Leaf Garlands for just $24 a piece.  Gack!
I bought these garlands at the dollar store last year, and I am pretty sure they have them in stock again this year.
All I did to spruce them up was wire on a few more of my book page leaves to each garland before I wrapped them around my curtain rods. 
Another fun leaf project I whipped up isn’t a PB Knockoff, but it does continue the book page theme.
I have had the framed bird pictures sitting on my bookcase since I first put them there with my Ballard-Inspired Easter decorations.  I was a little sad to pack those birdies away in the basement.  Maybe I should just tell myself they migrated South for the winter.
I just removed the bird graphics and framed up a few of my silk leaves.
For this frame, I laid a book page leaf onto the glass of the frame and covered it with as assortment of silk leaves.  Then I re-assembled the frame, trying not to mess up the leaves too badly.  It took a few tries.  😛
This frame is just the reverse of the other.  I placed two silk leaves on the glass, then covered them with torn pieces of dictionary pages.  Carefully re-assemble the frame, and you’re done!
If you are still jonesing for more fall leaves around the house, you can always tuck some into a silk flower arrangement.  I used flowers from my stash, but Dollar Tree has lots of fall flowers in stock right now.
To make arranging a little easier, I like to tape a quick grid over the top of my vase.  The grid keeps the stems from flopping all over the place and will be invisible once you get all your flowers in place.  Sneaky, huh?
For this vase, I used roses and gerbera daisies (two flowers that don’t look horrible as silks) along with some leaves I wired onto floral wire.  I gave the whole thing a little height with some fake wheat that I got at the DT.
I think the flowers look nice next to this awesome sign that my cousin made for us for Christmas last year.  She took photos of the letters of different family surnames around our hometowns, and then she matted and framed them up.  It was a very thoughtful gift!
For this little bouquet, I stuck roses, gerbera daisies, leaves and sugared berries into a copper teapot that used to belong to my grandmother.
The copper kettle really sets off the fall colors!
Now the leaves outside just need to catch up the gorgeous colors we have inside our home!
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    I'm loving all those fall leaves! Thanks for the rubber band idea – I normally just struggle to hold the leaves in place while I tie the twine. Your way makes so much more sense! Thanks for the inspiration!

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