PB Fall Knockoffs – Book Page Leaves

Once again I am loving the gorgeous seasonal decor for sale at Pottery Barn, but there is no way I am willing to spend that much money.  Even though it is lovely.  Really.  So, like usual, I brainstormed a few ways to use bargain priced items to replicate their ideas as best I can.
I considered making this another Dollar Barn series, but since so much of what I used was from my stash, I can’t be sure that I everything was originally from the dollar store.  If I think you can find the materials I used at the DT (or similar materials), it will be mentioned.
The major motifs I “borrowed” from PB are fall leaves, glass containers, and fall fruits and veggies –  all pretty standard for autumn decorating.  The one little idea I stole from them, and then ran with, is the addition of some book page leaves like those seen here.
You can’t actually buy these from PB, so I feel a little less guilty commandeering the idea.  Book page crafts have been all over the web this year, so this is hardly a PB original idea but I liked the idea of adding the bookish touch to my favorite season.
I already defiled an old dictionary for my Key Storage Makeover project, so I used more pages for these leaves, but any book will do.  You can even pick one up from the dollar store if you aren’t willing to destroy one you already own.
All you have to do is tear a few pages out of the book, keeping the binding intact if you are able. 
Trace a leaf (real or fake) with pen or pencil.  If you have kept the binding intact for these pages, you can easily cut several leaf shapes out at once.
Voila!  Lovely little book page leaves.
I used these leaves in several places in my fall decorating, and you will see them peeking out at you in the next few posts.   Last year, I made a Fall Wreath out of dollar store materials, but I wanted to freshen it up just a little this year. 
All I had to do was wire in a few of my book page leaves and now the wreath looks even cuter!
Cool what just a little change can do, right?
 I hope you will come back over the course of the week to see what other PB Fall goodies I have in store!
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    I absolutely LOVE this wreath!! Love the initial (I am an "H" also!), love the ribbon you chose, and really love those newspaper leaves! Thanks for sharing – I need to go dig the newspaper out of the recycle bin!!!

  2. says

    I just think your leaves look great. I can't wait to make some myself. I just put some leaves in a Pottery Barn bowl, these will make it look so chic. I found your site thru One Pretty Thing. Gotta love Rachel!!!My best- Diane

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