Ombre Tea Wreath

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A few years back Dollar Store Crafts featured this Tea Wreath from Kojo Designs.  I was so impressed by the combination of form and function, not to mention its awesome gift potential, that it stuck in my head as a project to make down the road.  Yes, folks, I had to REMEMBER the project idea because this was BEFORE Pinterest.  Back then we also had to walk barefoot to the craft store, uphill both ways.

I wanted another handmade element to package in with the Mr. and Mrs. Mugs I made as a wedding gift for my brother-in-law and his new bride.  Since they are both coffee and tea drinkers, this old project idea sprung to mind.  I put a few slight twists on the original tutorial to create this cute and colorful Ombre Tea Wreath.


To make an Ombre Tea Wreath, you will need:

embroidery hoop

18 clothespins


white spray paint

variety tea pack

spray paint clothespin wreath

Begin by using E-6000 to attach 18 clothespins to a large wooden embroidery hoop, clothespin openings facing outwards.  The glue takes a while to cure, so let the wreath sit overnight weighted down by something flat and heavy.  When it’s fully dry you can take the wreath outside to spray it white.


The Bigelow Variety Pack is perfect for this project because the 18 tea bags come in a rainbow of colors.  There are 3 of each variety so you can go through the range of colors completely three times.

tea wreath

All that’s left to do is pinch one tea bag in each clothespin, going from red to blue three times all the way around the wreath.  The clothespins keep the tea in place, and the wreath keeps them within sight of thirsty tea drinkers.

Wedding Gift and Tea Wreath

I paired the ombre tea wreath with the Mr. and Mrs. Mugs and Card I showed you yesterday, but this would make a great holiday gift for a teacher, babysitter, or any other tea-lover too! 

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Thanks,  Jessica Hill

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