No-Sew Spacey Curtains

Did I just utter your favorite words?   “No-sew” is the most beautiful hyphenated phrase in my crafting universe!  Yes, I own a sewing maching, but it’s been in storage for years now because I got frustrated never being able to properly thread the bottom bobbin.  (If you have any tips or trick on how to do it properly PLEASE tell me!).  Plus, most sewing projects require the concentration of more than 3 hours, and that’s approximately how long it takes for my crafting ADD to kick in.  Once that happens, it’s all over.
Soooo…  “no-sew” is the way to go in my book.


To make no-sew space curtains, you will need:
a dark blue or black twin-sized flat sheet
Stitch Witchery
an iron
craft glue
glow-in-the-dark stickers
I’m sure many of you have already turned flat sheets into curtains, and the rest of you should!  It’s so easy!  All you need to do is determine which end of the flat sheet is the top (aka the end with the wider hem).  On the back side of the sheet, snip two small slits at either end of that hem.  Voila!  That is the the pocket that will slip over your curtain rod.  AND, if you aren’t picky about the length of your curtains… you’re done!
I didn’t want the curtains in my son’s room to be super long.  I had a mental picture of him climbing/swinging/dangling from them ala Cirque du Soleil and that’s just no good. 
To hem the curtains (yep, curtains NOT sheets – that’s the magic of those two little snips!), I hung the curtains from the curtain rods, and then pinned the material to the length I liked best.  Sure, I could have used a measuring tape, but that involves math and I didn’t want this project to end in tears.  I don’t do math.  Like, at all.  I once saw a t-shirt that said, “I’m an English major.  You do the math.”  I want one sooooo badly!
But, I digress.
After I pinned the curtains, I busted out my trusty Stitch Witchery.  Using my iron and ability to read directions, I fused the material of the curtains to make a “straight” hem.  I won’t lie and say they are perfectly straight, but they’re good enough for government work.
Time to make them all spacey-like!
I didn’t trust the glow-in-the-dark stickers to actually stay stuck to the material, especially since I found them in a box of my husband’s childhood crap so they are probably 20 years old!  I dabbed a little craft glue to each star and arranged them on the curtains.  I am sure that the stickers would not survive a trip through the washer, so I am hoping my son outgrows his space room before the curtains really need washing!
And that’s it!  The beauty part is that, for me, these curtains were F-R-E-E, free since I had all the materials on hand.  Nice.


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    Another must do project. Although I use a sewing machine. I can never use the pedal or else it's just a mess, what with the tension and all that. I'm clueless. Wish I could help you with the bobbin, my husband is getting pretty sick of me having to ask him to fix it.

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