“Mr. and Mrs.” Mugs – a black and white wedding gift

Black and White Mr and Mrs Wedding Gift

This simple, but elegant, wedding gift is personal touch to give to loved ones on their special day.  By sticking to a neutral black and white color scheme you can be sure you aren’t mismatching the couples’ new home décor.  This gift is perfect for a coffee- or tea-lovers and can be given for engagements, first Christmases together, or anniversaries as well!

To make a Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Gift, you will need:

black and white scrapbook paper or cardstock



paper cutter

circle cutter

edge punch

roller adhesive

2 glass mugs

permanent pottery marker

stamps and ink (like PSA Essentials’ Mr. and Mrs. pack)


mr and mrs

I simply freehanded the Mr. and Mrs. titles onto the glass mugs using a permanent pottery marker in a font that matched the Mr. and Mrs. stamp from PSA Essentials’ Mr. and Mrs. pack.  I also added the couples’ wedding date to the each mug’s handle.  Anything to help the groom remember that anniversary date, right?


I combined the mugs with a handmade card using PSA Essentials stamps and inks, carrying the black and white theme into the card.  Since the happy couple are tea drinkers, I packaged the mugs with an Ombre Tea Wreath (I will share that tutorial tomorrow!) and a cash gift to get them started in their new home.

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Thanks,  Jessica Hill

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