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This is a sponsored post.  I was compensated to create this project and received free product, but the opinions in this posts are 100% my own.

I have a really cool gift idea for you today!  Michael’s is selling these Recollections Calendars, and I have such a crush on them.  The kits take the best features of already popular Christmas gifts, namely scrapbooking supplies and personalized calendars, and puts them together in one customizable calendar.

The kit would be perfect for newlyweds, parents, grandparents, or anyone who would love to keep track of each year’s memories, but doesn’t quite have the time to make a scrapbook from scratch.


The Recollections album calendar kit comes with everything you need to make a year-long keepsake calendar – even the pen!  The easy to assemble kit can be given as a gift as-is or it can be partially put together to give the recipient a jump start on the project.


The kit comes with stickers that are designed to perfectly fit the days on the included calendar grids.  You can mark out birthdays, holidays, and other celebrations quickly and easily.


The 4-ring binder system holds the calendar pages, clear sleeves, and tabbed dividers in place.  When the year is done, the calendar folds into an album that can be stored on the shelf with your other scrapbooks.


The clear plastic sleeves have pockets that fit the 4’x6’ journaling cards.  There are double-sided cards that correspond to each month.  On one side, there is a space for writing down that month’s special memories.


On the flip side of those same cards are decorative designs in trendy colors and patterns.  Of course, you can also substitute a 4×6 photograph in any of the calendar’s larger sleeve pockets as well.


The sleeves also hold these smaller 3’x4’ cards, which are also double sided.


If you decide to open up the kit to do some of the design work for your giftee, you can package it all back up in the box in which the calendar comes.  Slap a bow on top and your work is done!

Michaels Recollections Calendar Kit is available for $39.99 exclusively at Michaels stores.

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Thanks,  Jessica

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