Make Pop Art from Old Magazines

Recycled Magazine Pop Art

I am no artist or art student, but I can recognize classic pop art when I see it.  Whether it’s by Lichtenstein or Warhol, it’s a very distinctive style that makes use of pop culture references and bold color.  I found some 12×12 foam boards at the dollar store and wanted to try my hand at making some quick pop art of my own.

To make Pop Art, you will need:

12×12 craft foam boards

Mod Podge


paper cutter


circle cutter

foam dots

adhesive dots

PSA Essentials inks and stamps

For this project, you can use whichever magazines you have lying around the house. I happen to have a huge backlog of Entertainment Weekly mags, and I sacrificed some of them for the cause.  If you looked closely enough at the shredded pages, you would see ads for new tv shows, the titles of popular movies, even an interview with Tina Fey.

pop art panel one

All I did to create the outer two panels was to slice colorful magazine pages into thin strips and then Mod Podge them onto dollar store craft foam boards.  I glued down a section of horizontal strips, then filled in the rest of that half of the board with vertical strips.  Same for the bottom portion of the board.   After the Mod Podge had dried, I went back and painted two of the short strips over with Mod Podge and sprinkled on some glitter for accent.

pop art panel two

For this middle board, I covered the foam with various sized blocks of text from my magazines.  After it dried, I used PSA Essential’s Oh Happy Day! stamp from the Just a Note pack with a variety of their inks.  I cut them out with my circle cutter and Mod Podged some of them onto the board in a confetti-like pattern.  I wanted to have a bit of dimension to this board (although pop art traditionally is very one-dimensional), so I added a few more Oh Happy Day! circles on top of foam dots to raise them up just a bit.  Finally, I added some glue dots around the board, and shook on some glitter.

pop art panel three

I created this panel in the same way I did the first.  That is all.

stamped pop art

I love the contrast of the black and white print and the colorful pictures and stamps.  And even though there are large blocky shapes created by the magazine strips and text, there is still movement and energy.

Upcycled Pop Wall Art

I think these fun panels are going to go up in my craft room.  They will fit right in with the lively colors I have going on in there.  Since the boards are just made of foam, they will be a cinch to hang!

What is your favorite style or period of art?


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Thanks,  Jessica Hill

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