Make a Mod Podge Window Mosaic with your Kids

Make a Mod Podge Window Mosaic with Your Kids

It’s hard to find fun open-ended art projects that kids can accomplish without ruining clothes or destroying the house.  I love giving them opportunities to stretch their creativity, but I selfishly don’t want to add any more cleaning chores to my weekly schedule.  Thankfully Plaid had busy moms and teachers in mind when they created Mod Podge Washout.  It’s a formula of Mod Podge that was designed for kids to use, and it totally washes out of clothes!  Phew!

When I got the chance to try Mod Podge Washout, I wanted to do a project that both of my kids could get involved in, both my five year old AND my two year old.  That’s a pretty big abilities difference when it comes to artistic skill level, but this project kept them both busy and happy.  We sat around the dining room table mixing colors, playing with paint, and ended up with a beautiful mosaic on the dining room window.  All of the fun, with limited mess.  Hallelujah!

Mod Podge Washout

To make Mosaic Window Clings, you will need:

Mod Podge Washout

 Apple Barrel paint

freezer paper

plastic knives

child-safe scissors


How to Make Mod Podge Washout Clings

Use these easy steps to make the glass clings:

  1. Pour the Mod Podge Washout onto the SHINY SIDE of a piece of freezer paper.
  2. Add a small amount of craft paint.
  3. Mix the Mod Podge and paint together until they are totally combined.
  4. Smooth the mixture out until it is flat and even.
  5. Let it dry completely.

more stirring

This part of the project is great for toddlers AND preschoolers.  My two year old loved mixing up the Mod Podge and paint.  I wasn’t too worried about any messes she made because the Mod Podge formula is TOTALLY washable, and if the paint is still wet, you can clean it off clothes with a bit of soap and water.

mix colors together

After we made a few mixtures with just one color of bright Apple Barrel paint, my 5 year old son wanted to try mixing a few different paint colors together.


It’s a great way to learn about how colors combine and change!

let dry

Let the sheets of Mod Podge and paint dry overnight to make sure they are completely ready to be peeled off the freezer paper.

peel off freezer paper

After they are dry the Mod Podge should peel right off of the freezer paper.  Our Mod Podge sheets were prone to crack.  I wonder if I had used a paint to Mod Podge ratio that favored the Mod Podge more, if it would have been more pliable.  That’s what I will do the next time we try this project.

cut out shapes

I let my five year old work on his scissor skills a bit by cutting the sheets of Mod Podge using safety scissors.

stick to window

After the pieces were all cut, we stuck them to the window.  They aren’t window clings like you would buy at the store, but they do stick.  Our window was pretty cold (the temps dropped below freezing again… c’mon Spring!), so we had to huff some hot breath onto the backs of the pieces to get them to stick well.

Make a Mosaic with Mod Podge

It was fun to see the kids get excited about the beautiful mosaic they were creating on the window!

Sunlight through Mod Podge mosaic

The colors look gorgeous when the afternoon sun hits the window and shines through the mosaic pieces. You can leave the mosaic on the window for as long as you would, and then you can pick the pieces off without any damage to the window. I had originally only planned to keep the mosaic up for a week or so and then take it down again, but it’s so pretty it might stay up a while longer!

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Thanks,  Jessica Hill


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