Mad Writing Skills: How to Write an A+ Tutorial

Write an A  Tutorial



A few weeks back I wrote a two-part series for Crafterminds on how to write an A+ tutorial.  Using my background in education, I compared writing a coherent tute to writing out a lesson plan.


Tutorials are the main substance of creative blogs, and I obviously have a special place for tutorial since I have hosted over 100 Mad Skills Tutorial Link Parties!  Tutorials can be tricky to write if you don’t have a plan of attack.  My posts on Crafterminds walk you through the 4 simple parts of a lesson plan, and how those steps also appear in a great tutorial.


parts of a lesson plan


Part One deals with the first three sections of a lesson plan: the introduction, objective, and the materials.  Part Two details the best way to write out the step-by-step procedure needed to replicate your creative project.


Check out the series and leave your  best tutorial tricks and tips in the comments!

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    Hi Jessica!

    I love your article! I used it tonight to help me with my tutorial (writer’s block!).

    Thank you,
    Val @

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