Last Minute Valentine Coupons with Canva


Because I know there are some of you scrambling for something to give your loved one so he/she doesn’t realize you completely forgot Valentine’s Day AGAIN, I am going to let you in on my new online graphic making secret – Canva.  I was introduced to Canva by my friend Coleen from Just Paint It! (go check out her blog, she’s awesome) and I have been playing with it ever since.

Canva is still in beta mode, but you should be able to sign up for a free account.  There are SO many fun things that you can do with their service, but today our priority is saving Valentine’s.  So let’s get to making some looOOOooove coupons. 

Disclosure:  This is NOT a sponsored post.  Canva doesn’t know me from Adam, but I love you and I love their website.  Happy Valentine’s Day a day early.


The benefit of Canva is that they have many pre-made templates, designs, and frames.  You don’t have to have a degree in graphic design to create nice-looking designs.  Right now, one of Canva’s design options is “Card.”  Let’s start there.


You can see that they offer several cute options that you can personalize, but we are going to work with the coupon design.


Click on the thumbnail and the design is automatically added to your project.


Click on the text holder that currently says “Ice-Cream” and change it to whatever you would like.  Having someone fold the endless piles of laundry in our house sounded romantic to me at the time.  Adjust font style and size if you’d like.


If you aren’t feeling the pink, you can easily change the color scheme by clicking on the graphic and then choosing new colors.


After adjusting the colors, I was finished with my coupon.  Time to click the “Link & Publish” button.


That brings up this dialogue box which gives you a few options.  You can either publish as an image or as a PDF – both options will be downloaded to your hard drive.  Now go back and make 5-10 different coupon options, print them all off and BOOM! Valentine’s Day saved.


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Thanks,  Jessica

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