How to Make Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

How to Make Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

These Mickey Mouse Cupcakes couldn’t be easier to make.  I took a LOT of help from the store which made the whole process quick and stress-free.  You could even have older kids help you make the cupcakes for your Mickey Mouse birthday celebration!

To make Mickey Mouse Cupcakes, you will need:

red cupcake liners

chocolate cake batter

chocolate Bettercreme frosting

oreo cookies

mini oreos

plastic bag

bettercreme frosting

I put a request out on the Mad in Crafts facebook page for your best frosting recipes.  I am somewhat cake-frosting challenged.  You can see my past fails for the Wonder Pets Birthday Party, Baseball Birthday Party, Cars Birthday Party, aaaaaaaand the Winter Birthday Party.   Yeah, I have issues with frosting.

One of my real-life friends suggested just buying a carton of Bettercreme frosting.  I had never tried it before so I gave it a shot.  This stuff is great!  I will definitely use it again!  I bought mine at Gordon Food Service for $3-4.  I only used half of the carton to frost all the cupcakes and to fill the Mickey Mouse Cake.

bettercreme starts looking like chocolate milk

When you first open the Bettercreme it will look like extra chocolatey chocolate milk.  Just pour into your mixer.

bettercreme whipped

Whip the Bettercreme on medium speed for about 7-8 minutes.  And, like magic, you have delicious frosting with the loveliest texture.  It is light and creamy, not sticky like canned frosting.

bettercreme on cupcakes

I used a plastic food storage bag to pipe the frosting onto the cupcakes and the spread it to cover.  Because the icing is so creamy, it doesn’t pull up crumbs like ordinary frostings.  Because I frosted the cupcakes the morning of the party, I was a little concerned that the frosting might separate over the course of the day.  It held up beautifully, however!

mickey mouse cupcakes

To turn the cupcakes into Mickey Mouse cupcakes, I placed a regular oreo on the frosting and added two mini oreos for Mickey’s ears.  Simple as that!

we've got ears mickey mouse cupcakes

They looked really cute displayed on my cupcake stand.  We served them up with the Mickey Mouse Cake and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Click the thumbnails below for more Mickey Mouse Party tutorials!


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Thanks,  Jessica Hill


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