How Not to Have a Crappy Lawn: Visiting the Store

How Not to Have a Crappy Lawn STEP 2

This is a sponsored post on behalf of The Home Depot. I received compensation and/or complimentary materials in exchange for my work, but the opinions in this post are 100% my own.

After researching lawn fertilizers, I felt reasonably confident heading to Home Depot to buy what we needed for our lawn.  The information I got from the Garden Club helped me narrow down what I needed and gave me an idea of how much I needed to buy.

Trip to The Home Depot

We finally got a break from the dreary weather, so my kids, my mom, and I headed out to our local Home Depot to pick up the items we would need to green up my lawn.

Kid Friendly Carts

Usually I am a mean mom and don’t let the kids get a special cart, but we grabbed one of the available car carts and headed into the store.  And, yes, it was still winter coat whether that day.

Scotts Fertilizer

The display of Scotts fertilizers was right inside the door at my Home Depot, so we wheeled over to take a look.  There was a HD employee named John who was stocking the shelves and he immediately came over and asked if we needed any help, which, even though I had done my research, I did need.  I knew I wanted the Scotts crabgrass preventer for both fertilizer and weed control, but I wasn’t sure when to put it down.  Since we were going to be getting rain soon and we were out of the threat of deep frost (you wouldn’t think we would have to worry about that in April), we could put the fertilizer down anytime.

He also explained that the crabgrass preventer was the first step in lawn fertilization; the turf building, weed control, and summer would follow as the summer went on.  Here I was thinking that fertilizing once was all it took!

Home Depot Sprinklers

After we picked up a few bags of the lawn fertilizer, we headed over to the sprinkler section.  Since we don’t have any hanging plants, we didn’t need a shower wand, but we did need a sprinkler.  Since this is the first full year we have owned a home we haven’t really watered our lawns before.  The sections of grass that were hit by the kids’ water toys got green and the rest just didn’t.  This year I want to make a better effort to keep the lawn watered.

We picked up a full-circle sprinkler, which took a little bit of fiddling to figure out how it works.  In case you are a dummy like I am, this is how you set the sprinkler to work.

I am eager to get the product down on our lawn to see it start to green up!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.


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