How Not to Have a Crappy Lawn: Using the Right Products

How Not to Have a Crappy Lawn STEP 3

Now that I had made a trip to The Home Depot to pick up the supplies I had researched, it was time to get the fertilizer down on the grass.  It’s important to put down crabgrass preventing fertilizer early in the year to kill off that nasty crabgrass before it can even begin to grow.

Filling the Drop Spreader

My mom brought over their fertilizer spreader and filled it with the Scotts Turf Builder Crabgrass Preventer.  We were really impressed with how quickly the fertilizer started to work.  I have a feeling my husband is going to be mowing the lawn a lot more often this summer!

Fertilizing with Drop Spreader

It’s important when spreading the fertilizer to make sure you are covering the whole lawn, and not over-fertilizing any one area. Over-fertilizing can burn out the grass.  It’s also a good idea to spread the lawn fertilizer before predicted rain, or you should make plans to give your grass a good soaking after spreading the fertilizer.  Water helps the fertilizer work properly, so rain or watering is required.

It is also very important that you use the right products when you are caring for your lawn.  If you don’t have a problem with crabgrass like we do, then a regular lawn fertilizer with weed control may be all that you need.  I recommend Scotts brand, no matter what fertilizer formula you plan on using.  I have used Scotts products for a variety of gardening projects, and I have never been disappointed.

I am also happy with the full-circle sprinkler I picked out.  Once I figured out how to set it, it is simple to position it to cover just the areas of our lawn that need watering.  For the relatively low cost, it’s a purchase well worth making.

Our lawn still has a few issues with which we will have to deal this summer.  There are some broadleaf weeds that have sprung up, so we will need to put down some Scotts Fertilizer with Weed Control later in the summer.  That formula will help with weeds like dandelions and clover.  We might also have to do some re-seeding in the backyard where the dog has created burned-out yellow patches.  Even with those issues we are already on track for a MUCH nicer lawn than we had last summer!

lawn last year

Just to give you a comparison of how things can change in (less than) a year, this is a picture of our front lawn last summer.

lawn this year

And here is a picture of our front lawn this year.  Quite a difference, huh?  In addition to the MUCH more favorable weather we have had this Spring, we are taking better care of our grass by using the right products on the lawn, watering when needed, and mowing on a better schedule.  I hope this encourages you that, even if you have a crappy lawn, you can turn things around!

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