Homemade Oreo Valentines


I am a little bit of a Valentine’s Day grinch, but there are two aspects of the holiday that I fully support:  corny puns and chocolate.  This homemade valentine project has them both.

I am participating in a round of Google+ Hangouts with Crafty Hangouts, and this series was sponsored by American Crafts.  If you’ve never been to Crafty Hangouts, you should check it out now!  All the craft tutorials are done live via G+ and posted to YouTube later.  It’s like getting the chance to sit down and make a craft with your favorite bloggers in real time.

Watch the video above for the full step-by-step of my simple Oreo-themed valentines.


To make Homemade Oreo Valentines, you will need:

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black, white, and pink paper

circle cutter

paper cutter

glue dots

gel pens

glitter tape


food storage bags



The valentines feature cute kawaii-style cookies and two different punny sayings.  This is a project you could easily churn out with the help of your grade school aged kids.


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Thanks,  Jessica




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